Are corporate art collections a thing of the past? No way! All of us – no matter if you are working from home, or back in your office – benefit from art. I personally don’t think we can live without art because we all need the energy and beauty it provides. We’ve been busy these past few months working with both our corporate and private collectors through our virtual design services. And, as soon the “stay home order” was lifted, we started scheduling deliveries! We are excited to say that we had our first big corporate installation yesterday, and it was so exhilarating to see how those two months of working from home resulted in multiple commissions that kept our artists busy creating and our clients excitedly anticipating!

As I helped Sylvia unload these paintings from the van yesterday, we couldn’t help but snap a photo. We then looked at each other and said, "LET’S GET TO IT"!

CLIENT FOCUS: SamuEl Adams Cincinnati Taproom

Art on the floors? You bet! As art consultants, we are always asked to “think outside-the-box”. That was certainly the case for the Samuel Adams Taproom, where we created four large Cincinnati-themed floor murals. Take a closer look and you’ll see pigs, hops, mugs overflowing with frothy beer and many Cincinnati landmarks. The murals are the central focus of each seating area. Just plain fun, right?


A messy gallery is a busy gallery!
Since we reopened last month, we’ve been showing and selling art non-stop. We try to straighten up every day, but art comes and goes constantly!

One of our biggest celebrations of the year is the launch of the awe-inspiring Blink Art Resource book! Artists, clients, designers and the ADC team gather together to see over 150 featured artists. Stay tuned for the invitation to our big party to be held at ADC West on October 10, 2020!

ADC West continues it’s transformation with an exterior facelift including sunny yellow accents! The interior walls are almost complete and then it's time to paint, install lights, bring in furniture  - and of course art! Stay tuned for our big reveal in August!

What does a Relationship Manager do? Meet Tanya. She develops business opportunities and handles communication with our clients, artists and vendors. She also works diligently on social media, IT issues, our Blink book distribution, artist opportunities and much, much more.

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