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Secrets of the Art World

Are you struggling to give your art career the boost it needs?



Secrets of the Art World is the book to advance your creative career! 

Maybe you lack confidence, have a fear of rejection, struggle with indecisiveness, or lack clarity? You should know there is help. Secrets of the Art World: Getting Real about the Process, Business, and Selling of Your Work is here to help supercharge your art career! 

Maybe you've just graduated from college or you feel like you've stalled mid-career. Whatever career stage you're in, you'll get sound advice from author and gallery owner Litsa Spanos as well as other art-industry experts as they guide you through art career ups and downs and how to build a better and more successful art legacy.


Key takeaways include:

*How to monetize your creative passion.

*How to create consistent work.

*How to maintain self-care practices.

*How artists can take calculated risks to grow personally and professionally.

*How to exhibit artwork in tradeshows, conferences, and art fairs.

*And much more!

The entire point of Secrets of the Art World is to help, inspire, and get you where you were destined to be-where the passion that lives inside of you can take you.



About the Author

Litsa Spanos is the President of ADC, Art Design Consultants, Inc., a multimillion dollar and nationally recognized, award-winning gallery located in Cincinnati, Ohio. ADC is also lauded as one of the top women-owned businesses in the nation. In addition to running the gallery, she is the founder of ACA, one of the largest and most desirable artist competitions in the nation, and the publisher of both Blink Art Resource. A passionate advocate and supporter of arts and artists, Litsa has spent the last twenty-five years working closely with artists to mentor them and help them establish successful and meaningful lifelong careers. When she is not coaching and mentoring artists, she is working with many prestigious clients (corporate, healthcare, hospitality, and private collectors) to assist them with the art selection process. Litsa is also a loving wife and mother of three amazing daughters.

Learn more about Litsa’s inspiring journey

“If you have the passion inside of can do it! Because if you don’t take a risk you’ll never know what happens.” – Litsa







Praise for Secrets

“Finally! A book that guides an artist through development, sales, and representation. Be true to yourself and at the same time, appeal to your audience. Litsa Spanos brings her "Super Star" experience in representing artwork and artists via a step-by-step chronology. This is a must read for artists, gallery owners, and publishers.

—Rick Barnett
Author, Lecturer, and Television Personality
Managing Director, Redwood Media Group

Learn what inspired Litsa to write Secrets in her interview with Cincy Chic Magazine

“Litsa, with her passion for beauty and excellence, walks firmly on the cutting edge of the U.S. Art Market. For her to share her ‘secrets’ is a stunning gift to all of us in the industry! I am humbled by her generosity of spirit and feel privileged to traverse this complicated, yet richly-rewarding business, along- side my colleague and friend. This book is a bible for anyone who wishes to “make it” in the Art World!

—Bette Ridgeway
practicing artist and web designer

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