What brings you joy? 

Now more than ever we’re appreciating the simpler things in life… a healthy home cooked meal, a quiet time reflecting on the patio, playing with our pets or a refreshing glass of wine with someone we love. For me, it’s all of the above and being surrounded by art – art of all shapes and sizes. Art inspires me and allows me to continue following my passions in life. Art brings beauty into our homes, offices and healthcare facilities. The other day, I was installing a newly framed painting in a clients bedroom and when she saw it, she gasped and said, “I really missed this while it was in your frame shop. It makes me so happy and I can’t live without it!" Art is beautiful, but it truly makes us feel good. Don’t we all need more of that?  I say YES!


I truly believe that things happen for a reason. I ran into Lucie at an out-of-town wedding, and ran into her again at breakfast the next day. Lucie's adoptive mother had brought her a surprise gift - the tiny outfit she was wearing the day Lucie was brought home from foster care. 

When I saw the tears of joy in Lucie's eyes, I offered to preserve it in a frame for her as a gift. She was thrilled, and sent me her little bear she had as a baby - it made everything even more special. I also contacted her mother, and asked her to write a letter recalling how she felt when she saw Lucie's tiny face for the first time. Here are a few images of how we preserved the special memories, as well as the final gift. Her story warms my heart!


ADC East: Copper and stainless paintings are flying off the walls as artist Ken Rausch breaks all of our spring/summer sales records with 79 pieces already sold throughout the country.

ADC West: will be soon be filled with glorious artwork, but what’s art without cool lighting? Click here to see some of the spectacular designer lighting that will be shining brightly in our new gallery soon!

Client Focus. Many times a company's lobby is the first impression visitors receive, so there's no better place to make a statement! We transformed this static bookshelf into a statement piece!

Have you ever wondered who’s behind the scenes creating the beautiful pages of our BLINK book? Meet Sandy, our Art Director. She’s currently wrapping up 2020 edition - which is our sixth year! That makes 2106 pages so far!

Featured Artist: Do you want to bring joy and sunshine into your life every single day? Well, we have the perfect artist for you! Check out the exuberant paintings by one of our fav’s, Ron Scharfe.

DRUMROLL PLEASE... OUR blink 2020 cover artist IS...

Our BLINK Art Resource is almost complete. Each year we select an artist to feature on our cover, and this year we had three finalists - so we reached out to our audience, followers, artists and clients to help us decide which piece should appear on the 2020 cover... and you can see the BLINK Art Resource cover artist by scrolling through the slideshow below!


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