The ART Collective's Second Expert Course


With Lori Siebert

Creative Director of Olika Studio

Make money as you sleep! In this Expert Course, artist Lori Siebert will show you step by step ways she’s been able to become successful licensing her work for over twenty years. This is a must-see video that is packed full of great insider knowledge. Sign up now. It might be the best 30 minutes you’ll spend on learning how to make more income as an artist!



Four Ways to Curate Art to Maximize Sales
with Sylvia Rombis

Why is curating artwork properly so important in making sales? In this expert course by Sylvia Rombis, ADC’s Creative partner and Curator, you will learn secrets on how she curates clients’ homes, the gallery and tips on what you can do in your studio too. It’s packed full of great information, excellent advice, and inspirational photos of different projects she’s worked on throughout the years. Get to know Sylvia and see why she sells so much art!

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Five Proven Steps to Get Your Work in a Gallery
with Litsa Spanos & Sylvia Rombis

Tired of hearing the word “NO” or getting the silent treatment from galleries you are approaching? We all know that the art market is extremely competitive and difficult to break into. So, what do you do? In this expert course you will learn five proven steps on how to get your work in a gallery. It will be presented by seasoned art dealers and sisters: Litsa and Sylvia. They will share with you what you should do (and what not to do), on your search for gallery representation. 

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