Litsa took some time to answer the most asked questions about the introduction of our second BLINK book each year, and how the additional publication continues our mission of empowering artists and the creation of beautiful spaces.

Why is ADC publishing a second BLINK book each year?

We are in our 7th year of producing the BLINK Art Resource, and every year the industry demand grows and number of artists seeing success from the Resource blows our minds. At the close of each book, we look at what we can do to make the next Resource better and improve the visibility and recognition of our artists and the BLINK brand. After this last edition, we really focused on our audience and active clients. What we found was a demand to see new art more often, and for it to be accessible in a consistent manner - this is what led to the decision to create an entire second book each year moving forward.

How will the publication of a second book effect current BLINK artists?

The current BLINK artists will benefit from the second book in multiple ways. All current artists are invited to be included in both books if that fits their career plan - and, of course we are available to discuss this with all of our artists to help them decide what's best for them. 

Also, with the increased deliveries of the Resource comes increased brand awareness and it ensures that BLINK stays at the forefront of the conversation when designers and gallerists are sourcing art.

How can I know which edition is right for me? Or should I be in both?

This is a decision that we can help you with! The answer to this is going to be very personal and unique to each of our artists. So, if this is a question that you're working through, then give us a call or send us an email (litsa@adcfineart.com or cassandra@adcfineart.com) and we can walk through this together. We will do our best to help you reach the best decision for you and your career.

Here are a few things to think about when making this decision: how do I want to expand my audience? do I produce at a rate that will allow me to have new art/styles to show in both books? do I work in multiple mediums, and if so, should I pair a medium with a BLINK edition? 

Give us a call or send us an email and we can help you!

What is the new publication schedule?

BLINK SPRING 2021 (June) & BLINK FALL 2021 (October)
When we first decided to create a second book, we looked at the industries we serve, and came to the conclusion that following a Spring and Fall timeline would be the most impactful for our artists and our industry audience. ADC and BLINK want to continue to lead the conversation within the industry and be the first resource that professionals go to when sourcing new and fresh art, and this timing will ensure that we are reaching our audiences at the same time that they're purchasing art with their clients and discussing design trends, styles and colors.

Will this impact my existing contract?

Not at all! We will continue promoting and selling your work as we always have throughout the remainder of your contract. If you do decide that you would like to be included in both yearly editions, you will have a separate contract for each publication, and both will offer the same benefits that you are accustomed to.

How long with the contracts be for each edition?

The contracts for each edition will be the same, and will remain 1 year agreements. 




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