Color Your Home Beautiful

Color Your Home Beautiful

Your home is the most important place in your world. And we’ve all been spending more and more time in our favorite rooms, sitting in our favorite chairs, escaping into the memories of the pictures on the shelf, and looking at all of the things that make our home feel special. Our home is our sanctuary, but even our sanctuary can use a change now and then.

ADC Fine Art, Melissa Mason, Fine Art Consulting

Melissa Mason, Queen of Hearts, acrylic and pastel, collage on canvas

An original piece of art is inspirational.

Art is inspiring and feeds our soul. A great piece offers every viewer a direct emotional conversation with the artist themselves. And, when you bring a new piece into your home, you surround yourself with a new energy and life. But how will you know what kind of art to choose?


The perfect piece.

Trust your instincts! You like what you like, and your home has grown and changed along with you - no matter how long you’ve lived there. So you’ll know when a piece is right for you - but that doesn’t mean you have to play it safe!

A great piece of art can work in many different spaces. A modern room can be completely transformed with a more classic-style of art. And a traditional room can shine with a modern piece. And a great sculpture will change the energy of everyone who walks through the door. Our suggestion is to look at the art and see what strikes you. It can be a certain subject matter, or a completely new style - it’s about what makes you feel energized and what emotions you feel when you see it.

We all know the saying, “it speaks to me,” and, that saying is true! We hear it all the time. But, sometimes it takes courage to try something new - so just ask, and we will arrange a showing for you, and we can even use our virtual design services to help you visualize the new transformation and make sure it’s something you’ll love every day.

ADC Fine Art Virtual Design Services, Interior Design

example of ADC's Virtual Design Services; center, Sol Hill, A Lifetime of Waiting for This Moment; right,  Bette Ridgeway, Spirits Rising

Take it to the next level.

Once you find that special piece that really brings you joy, we encourage you to learn more about the artist. Maybe you’ll find a creative spirit that just speaks your visual language. We know all of our artists, and can show you more of their work - you might just find another new favorite. 

Robin Apple

Robin Apple, ApresSafariJigsaws1, ApresSafariJigsaws2, ApresSafariJigsaws3, various sizes available, photography on canvas

Your home is more than a house, apartment or condo. It’s an expression of you and your life’s journey. And art is so much more than decoration. It speaks to your heart and shows the world what you have to say. 

Are you feeling inspired? We hope so!



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