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Why should you become a SmartSell member? Join Litsa Spanos as she explains why the SmartSell program is right for you!

1. How would you explain SmartSell to someone who's never heard of it?

Litsa: "SmartSell is marketing program for artists that I created with the goal of sharing my knowledge of the “business of art” and ultimately help artists sell more work. My mission now more than ever (and after 30 years of experience working with corporations, private collectors, healthcare and hospitality industries) is to offer artists opportunities they would not easily have access to."

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2. How will SmartSell benefit me?

Litsa: "The program gives us a chance to get to know you and see your artwork within a private platform and then continue a relationship together. Me and my team get involved with studio presentations and communicate with artists regularly through the platform. The membership program provides many, many ways to help you sell art that includes expert courses, national show opportunities, solo shows in both our galleries, online and print magazine promotions (to our client list) and so much more. Everything is listed in detail on our website!"

3. How do we market SmartSell members to our clients versus any other artist?

Litsa: "SmartSell is a marketing program, but at any time, you can be invited to represented by our gallery and ultimately have your work shown to our clients. There is never a charge to be represented by our gallery."


4. Do you get a gallery contract as a SmartSell member

Litsa: "No, gallery contracts are by invitation, but we regularly invite SmartSell members to show and sell thier work in the gallery."

5. Is there a community aspect to the program where artists can connect with each other and share tips and experiences?

Litsa: "Yes, there is a platform that provides artists an opportunity to get to know other artists and the ADC team."


6. Is there customer support available for users of SmartSell?

Litsa: "Yes! My team is always here to answer any questions you mave have. Just give us a call!"

7. Can artists showcase their portfolio directly on the SmartSell platform?

Litsa: "Absolutely! They can showcase pieces they are working on, exhibitions they are in and anything they would like to have us and other artists see."

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8. Is there an option for artists to collaborate with other artists or organizations through the platform?

Litsa: "Many of our SmartSell members work with other organizations (galleries, musueum, art dealers and art consultants). We encourage all that information be shared so everyone benefits."

9. What is an RFP? How do these benefit me as an artist?

Litsa: "An RFP is a “request for Proposal” These opportunities are nationwide with organizations looking to purchase art. We post those weekly on the SmartSell Platform."


10. How often will I get new tips and tricks from ADC when I sign up?

Litsa: "Everyone who signs up has access on the private platform, where I post weekly video tips and are always creating new content that helps artist learn and grow."

11. How to I get started?

It's simple!


There are several reasons why hiring ADC as your art consultant makes sense — we have a streamlined and easy process that includes our virtual design services, a personal familiarity with all of the artists we have in our gallery and their work, careful curation and unique artistic taste that allows us to meet your goals. Whether you’re simply trying to update a space or going for that WOW! factor, ADC helps you find what's now, what's new and what's next.

If you'd like to learn more about our art consulting services, virtual design services or to schedule a time with one of our consultants, please fill out this form and we'll get right back to you.