Spring. An inspired symphony.

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Spring. An inspired symphony.

LIGHT'S EMBRACE, Michael W. Hensley, acrylic on canvas, 20" x 60"

Hi everyone.

I hope you're all well and staying healthy. I'd like to introduce you to the most recent addition to the ADC family - Marc. He is our Marketing Manager and an industry veteran. Like most of us, he's been working from home for the past few weeks - and that's where he found unexpected but familiar inspiration. 

Enjoy the images below of our incredibly talented artists and I hope you that you are as inspired as I am reading Marc’s tribute to spring.

Love, Litsa

the Spring symphony.

Spring is a perfect symphony.

I say that as I sit here, listening to the birds, watching squirrels bound from branch to branch, all too aware that this spring is like nothing that I've experienced - I'm much more aware of the world around me.

I'm working from home, along with my wife and our 4 kids who are all attempting to learn remotely. The energy of 6 people and 1 furry beast is pent up inside our home while we work, learn, co-exist during times when we would normally be in different spaces unaware of what each other is doing. We're learning each others habits and work routines, small mannerisms that only appear to our co-workers or fellow students. Yep, this is a totally new experience. 

And then, as our day comes to a close - learning is done, work is halted for the evening - our back door bursts open, and kids run into the yard. All of the energy and countless daydreams that have been bottled up explode in endless potential.

It reminds me of why I love spring. It's a reset button - a time when nature comes alive, animals appear from nowhere, buds are opening, birds are chirping again and the possibilities within a new garden are fresh in our imagination. 

Artists look to spring for inspiration. There is new energy. The colors we've dreamt of all winter flood into our minds, and we can't wait to create something that we've not yet conceptualized. We just need to breath in the air and create. 


Julia Hacker
oil and mixed media
48" x 48"

I look to autumn for its dramatic sensibilities, and to winter for it's long, sleepy weekends. Summer, to me, is like living with my teenagers - exciting, rewarding and tiring.

And then there's springtime - spring is always new and always unexpected. That is especially true in 2020.

But there is opportunity. Opportunity to create, to look at what some might ignore and then be inspired - that's what we do as artists. We find beauty in overlooked spaces and things hidden in shadows. 


Shelley Parriott
powder coated perforated aluminum
(dimensions are variable)


Kate Taylor
acrylic, resin coated on birch panel
44” x 44”

Spring is a time of transformation - and this spring, we are the ones transformed.

When I sat down to write this, I had different plans. I was going to walk around the gallery (I'm one of those lucky people who get to work amongst art and beauty all day) and find pieces that "reminded" me of spring. I would then write about the inspiration that these artists drew from nature, springtime or their environment. It would have been a great first post for me to write.

Then I realized, I can't do that! I'm at home - but, still inspired by the beauty around me.

Since I couldn't walk around our gallery, I recruited our gallery director, Cassandra, to find a few pieces in our collection that inspired her and reflected spring to her eyes. The pieces we are highlighting here are a small sample of those inspirational pieces. I hope that you'll see something that breathes springs' fresh breath into your day.

And, remember, we can all transform our world. Art has that ability - to give you something you need, even if you didn't know you needed it. A fresh expression of life from a new perspective can be exactly what you need.

So, if you're an artist - keep creating! We need you now.

If you're an art lover, collector, designer, you might find new pieces that will transform your environment and bring you new energy to you, your family or your client - you just need to look.

As for me, I'm going to listen to spring. I'm going to work on creating new ways to bring art and inspiration to our community - both local and online. And, tonight, as I do every night, I'm going to go into my studio and make stuff.

ROSETTE, Doug Frates, glass