"The art SPEAKS TO OUR SOUL and looking at it brings us so much joy."

There's nothing that could make us happier than hearing this from our clients! Our gallery is filled with art that we love, created by artists that we know personally. So when we go into a client's home or office to bring them pieces that we think will match their vision, it's rewarding to know that we nailed it – and, for Jody and Aly's family, we're pretty sure that we did just that!

After we completed the installation of the artwork, I chatted with Jody and Aly - as well as their designer, Jo Fentress of Designs on Madison - to hear how they thought the selection process went and how the results have changed their home:

Litsa Spanos, ADC : Jo, why did you call me to help you on this project?

Jo Fentress, Designs on Madison : I knew Jody and Aly were looking for art and were ready to invest in quality works. I wanted you to be part of this project instead of going anywhere else because you have such a variety of different types of art and you’re so easy to work with.

Jody : We weren't looking for art to accessorize with. We were looking for pieces that were interesting and spoke to us. Each piece resonates with either myself or Aly in different ways. I especially love the photograph “Trust Fall” that Litsa placed in my office. It's an incredibly empowering and emotional piece that resonates with me personally and professionally.

Trust Fall, Marisa White

Aly : For the lower level we needed something interesting and fun. It’s a place where we entertain family and friends all the time. Litsa suggested a “Pop” style commission of each family member. She helped us find a photographer and then an artist who could paint each portrait. We love them. They are fun portraits of ourselves.

Jo : Throughout the house and everywhere you look, each piece is unique and beautiful. All the decisions were made with all of us together and fit so beautifully in the overall design.

Jody : I love that every piece is different and unique. We have a bronze in our foyer, abstract oil paintings in our family room and a wonderful mixed media with silver leaf in our dining room. The bedroom has some figurative work that we love. Litsa gave us options that we would have NEVER thought of on our own. The art SPEAKS TO OUR SOUL and looking at it brings us so much happiness. It’s fun, it’s relaxed and an emotional caring home!

I’m extremely grateful to Litsa and the ADC team. We never thought we would have all of this. It’s wonderful and makes our house a home!

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How we did it: 

Art Comes Alive Exhibition & the BLINK Art Resource

When we find art for a client we usually turn to our BLINK Art Resource book. BLINK Art Resource is a publication put out each year by ADC Fine Art containing the best of what's new and what's next in the art world. It's our go-to source for every project.

But this project was a little different. When we began looking for art, our annual international art competition - ART COMES ALIVE - had just opened it's exhibition. The timing was perfect and we were able to bring Jody and Aly to our gallery and show them the competition's artwork in person. The impact was immediate, and from that showing, we found the foundational pieces that now make up the their collection.

The ability to provide a client with such personal and unique pieces makes us so happy - and installation day is always so exciting. But being able to connect these artists – whether from the ACA competition or our BLINK Art Resource – with new audiences is rewarding and keeps us focused on our mission!

10 pieces purchased from ACA exhibition | 19 pieces sourced through the BLINK Art Resource

Are you an artist? 

ADC Fine Art proudly sponsors ART COMES ALIVE (ACA), an international, juried fine-art competition and exhibit that awards the best emerging and professional artists.  Each year the art competition gets bigger and better, and this year over $350,000 in awards will be given to artists through gallery contracts, purchase awards, publishing contracts, and more!


There are several reasons why hiring ADC as your art consultant makes sense — we have a streamlined and easy process that includes our virtual design services, a personal familiarity with all of the artists we have in our gallery and their work, careful curation and unique artistic taste that allows us to meet your goals. Whether you’re simply trying to update a space or going for that WOW! factor, ADC helps you find what's now, what's new and what's next.

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