A Home of His Own

A prominent wealth advisor collects an array of exquisite artwork that reflects his personal style in his new home on the hill.

From top to bottom, left to right: Rausch Studios (bar backsplash), Helen S. Cohen (large abstract), Eric Boyer (figurative mesh sculpture), ADC Glass Collection, Mary Maguire (Marilyn Monroe painting)

After purchasing a three-story modern home, Brian Albach knew he needed to create a comfortable yet upscale space for himself, family and friends to enjoy. The former homeowners suggested he call Litsa Spanos of ADC Fine Art to help him find the perfect artwork. "After touring his home and getting to know Brian and the way he lives, dresses and entertains, I knew the art had to be an extension of that," states Litsa. We started off with a tour of the gallery to see what resonated with him, colors he was drawn to and styles he liked.  

From top to bottom, left to right: Rausch Studios (copper abstract), Karen Johnston (small abstract), Jonathan Herbert (large abstract)

After pulling a variety of pieces together, we took them to his home to see what looked best and find a place for each piece. His home is large with expansive walls, Litsa kept in mind the expansive walls of the space and made sure that the artwork was up to scale. The home resulted in a cohesive and unified style with interesting pieces in each room.

From top to bottom, left to right: Tubi Ho (two framed abstracts), Mary Barr Rhodes (horizontal abstract), Debbie Moore (middle abstract), Helen S. Cohen (far right abstract)

“I love how all of the artwork fits perfectly in my home and reflects my personality - especially the painting of Marilyn Monroe. I’m a huge fan,” Brian exclaims. Litsa found the perfect wall and excitedly placed Mary Maguire’s “Diamonds 2” directly next to the bed . It added a romantic, soft and sultry feature to his bedroom. “Who wouldn’t want to look at Marilyn first thing in the morning?” she questioned. She then paired it with a series of mirrored hand-blown glass stones on the other side and a splashy dimensional abstract by Pamela Nielson next to the windows.

Hudson Carmel (framed photograph)

Once the bedroom was complete, other unique works were placed throughout the home. Color and texture was added throughout the house to give it more depth and dimension. 

From top to bottom, left to right: Sandra Fuka (figurative abstract), Patricia Fabian (reclining female), Karen Johnston (abstract)

"Curating Brian’s collection was one of my favorite projects," states Litsa. "Brian comes to most of our art openings, his daughter Lizzie works with us and he also selected art for his office. I’m pretty sure he’s hooked!"

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From left to right: Pamela Nielsen (abstract), Jennifer Mone Hill (abstract), Brian with his dog Oscar, Laura Hapka (shredded money abstract), Rausch Studios (bar backsplash) and Helen S. Cohen (large abstract), Heidi Hines (abstract), Mikee Huber (abstract), Ann Headley (abstract)  

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