Downsizing to Downtown!

When soccer fans Andrea and Greg decided to move out of their large suburban home, they knew it was time to start fresh in downtown Cincinnati and focus on fun, so they chose a house across the street from the new FC stadium in the West End. It was the perfect location to entertain family and friends, but it was an older home, so they made the bold move to completely gut it, double the square footage and transform it into a modern space. They wanted it to be all about their love of art, food, fine wine and be able to create meaningful experiences with people they cared about the most.

The first step was to edit all their existing possessions (by selling or donating almost everything), then design a home that was elegant, comfortable and inviting. They created a wall for Andrea's impressive wine collection, built a state of the art kitchen and added all the high-tech “bells and whistles” that Greg loves. After moving in, they realized that there were plenty of walls still empty in their new three story home and set out to find unique pieces to add to their collection.  

Litsa: Andrea and Greg, it’s been wonderful working with you! Why did you decide to add more art to your home at this stage in your lives?

Andrea and Greg: We wanted this home to reflect our personalities, be unique and have the art as an extension of what we currently have and love.

Litsa: You chose so many different art mediums from glass, metal, wood and fiber. Why?

Andrea: This home has three large stairways and needed more art that fit those unique spaces. I didn’t want anything ordinary. I also believe that art needs to speak to you, so I wanted to find pieces that did that and were meaningful to me.

Litsa: I remember when I first came over and saw your stunning Brazee Studios' kitchen glass backsplash. Wow!

Andrea: Yes, that was the inspiration for the rest of the art. I love all those colors and wanted to incorporate them throughout our home.

Litsa: Do you have any favorites?

Andrea: Well, we love everything but especially the Cathy Shephard cascading glass pieces in our main stairway.

Litsa: I love those too! 

Andrea and Greg: Thank you for all that you’ve done for us. We connected immediately and knew it was going to be a great collaboration and friendship!

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How we did it: 

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