Meet the ADC Family!

We have an incredible team here at ADC Fine Art! We have a passion for art and a true dedication to making sure our clients and artists are receiving top quality service. We’re an energetic and creative group that not only knows how to work hard to get the job accomplished, but has plenty of fun along the way. We love working with you!

Hear more about us below!

Litsa Spanos
Owner, President & Consultant

As a little girl, I always found joy in creating. One of my first memories is making a clay flower pot for my mom (she still has it, btw). And to this day, I share that same feeling of happiness when I create beautiful “art filled” spaces for friends, family and clients. Our new gallery is something I’m so proud of. Taking an old popcorn machine factory and transforming it into a space for artists to thrive in and for guests to be inspired by, has been one of my biggest accomplishments. In my free time, I love to entertain, travel, design our home and spend every available moment I can with my husband Van and our three daughters – who all mean the world to me. They’ve all been part of the immense challenge and sacrifices involved in having their mother as “full on” entrepreneur, and I’m incredibly grateful to them. We also have a little corgi, Slippers, who we lovingly refer to as the “art doggie” because she comes to all the exhibits and socializes with everyone. For me, my career and personal life are all melded together – because they both bring me happiness. I find life is more interesting that way too!

Sylvia Rombis
Partner & Independent Consultant

To me, there are few more fulfilling than creating beauty. I’ve been a creative for most of my career, early on as a product designer for major corporations specializing in the fashion industry and later as the owner of one of the oldest running and most highly regarded contemporary art galleries in Cincinnati. I have a passion and deep appreciation for the arts and the “creative sprit of humanity” and absolutely adore helping my collectors find just the right art to enhance their homes and offices, express their vibe and bringing joy to their lives! Art has a way of bringing people together and it’s been an amazing journey in which my collectors have become friends and my friends have become collectors. Besides helping my collectors create artful spaces, I have the thrill of curating all the gorgeous art and sculptures in our amazing 13,000 square foot space. Each installation is a feast for the eyes and each vignette showcasing the amazing talent of our artists. I adore travel and the inspiration it provides… especially in nature through hiking and I equally love the urban explorations that lead to food, fashion and great architecture. Cooking and food are also passions and the satisfaction of creating beautiful, creative meals for my family and friends is especially fulfilling.

Cassandra Pennington
Gallery Director & Consultant

One of my talents is having a photographic memory when it comes to art. Ask me who an artist is, their name and even the price and I can tell you in an instant! I started as an intern back in 2017 and have really grown with the company these past few years. I love working with all our artists, managing our incredible team and (believe it or not), spreadsheets! I also have a mini team at home with a new born baby girl and two small boys. Life is busy, but so rewarding!

Annie Kautz
Assistant Gallery Director

I started at the gallery as an intern while studying photography at Ohio University. I had no idea what a commercial gallery was all about, but found out that its fast paced, creative and fun. I work on client projects, update our website, talk to artists every day, manage the art inventory, plan and attend all our exhibits and really enjoy working with our team every day. When I’m not at work, I play with my black cat named Casper and spend time with family and friends. Although I’m a vegetarian, I love trying new foods, restaurants and am quite adventurous!   

Meredith Keller
Art Director

I’ve jumped into designing our annual BLINK book with both feet. It’s a super exciting project that impacts so many artists and buyers all over the country. I’ve always loved the weird, wild and wonderful and I find it at work every day! Before I came to ADC, I was an amusement park photographer, a hot air balloon pilot and graphic/catalogue designer. There’s never a dull moment in my life! I have lived all over Ohio and even parts of Michigan for a while but ever since moving to Cincinnati I have truly felt at home. I love the art scene, music scene, all the hiking trails and to go out hammocking with friends.

Ayrton Sawyers
Business Development & Consultant

My job at ADC is to bring in new corporate clients, work with artists on those projects, increase more collectors into the gallery and develop on-line art sales . My passion for communicating ideas has led me to creating visual concepts through digital art and by designing websites for artists. When I decide to step away from the computer, I enjoy hiking and exploring. St. Mary’s Glacier in the Rocky Mountains is one of my favorite hikes.  

Alex Thornberry
Social Media Director & Consultant

I have a strong imagination, energy and passion for art. My mission every day is to ramp up our social media on all of our platforms and have all our content be exciting and interesting. We do so much to promote artists and love shouting out about our clients, gallery and all we do in the community too. On a personal note, I love baseball and have played since I was a kid and throughout college. I’m also an artist and love being around the gallery and seeing all the art come and go. It’s exciting to see non-stop action all day!

Ian Simon

Most people might not know exactly what a preparator does, but it’s actually one of the most important roles of running a gallery smoothly and efficiently. You’ll find me on most days shipping out or unpacking art (that’s an art form in itself), working with the clients to install their art properly and also getting everything hung in the gallery for our shows and exhibitions. I find it challenging and very rewarding. At home, I love spending time with my wife, Lauren and our son Milo. We enjoy playing in the park, time with our friends and working around the house. I’m also an artist and love all things art!

Carolyn Deffinger
Gallery Assistant

I came to the gallery over a year ago when my husband Matt who was in charge of all the wiring and computer IT for the entire space. From the very moment I stepped in, I fell in love. My main job is to help make sure it looks great and take a lot of pride in giving our clients and guests a great experience when they’re here. I have a daughter, Maddie who I spend a lot of time with and who also enjoys coming to the gallery. The CUBE is my favorite spot!

Bryan Gibson
Master Framer

I’m back! I started framing at ADC in 1992 (started framing in 1984) and for 16 years, I played an important role custom framing and installing art for our clients. Litsa and I worked really, really hard, but had a blast together building the business. Then I took some time off to pursue music. Well, the time was right, and now I’m at the gallery everyday making sure our clients have beautiful frames, on time every time! It’s wonderful seeing all the things that happen at the gallery every day and I’m happy to be able to do what I’m good at and really make a difference.

Christian Koczeniak
Rausch Studio Artist

I started working in the frame shop doing everything from complex custom orders to contract framing in 2017 and recently moved on to be the resident artist at the gallery. It’s been a fun and worthwhile experience that I really enjoy. As the exclusive artist for ADC - Rausch Studios, I work with galleries on commissions, corporate clients and private collectors across the country and internationally. My specialty is working on stainless steel and copper. In my free time, I also enjoy creating my art done in wood. I also have a young son, Leo who I love spending time with and who keeps me on my toes!

Tell us more about yourself. We would love to hear from you!!