Girls' Night Out!

We kicked off our ACA celebration with a fabulous evening with the girls. Check it out!

As a woman owned art gallery, hosting girls' night out events like this plays a crucial role in empowering a community among women in the art world. Girls' Night provided a unique space for women to come together, appreciate art, and engage in meaningful conversations. As women in a male-dominant field, it's so important to come together as a community. Who doesn't like wine and girl talk?

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How many flowers? Never too many! We had a florist event the day before Girls' Night which gave us the perfect party favors! Every woman who came into the gallery went home with a beautiful bouquet.

A Note from Litsa

“What a celebration! Our annual “Girls Night Out” was a huge success! We admired all the new artwork, drank bubbly champagne, connected with each other and took home beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers. Thank you to all the hostesses who made this night extra special. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

 - Litsa Spanos
President and Founder, ADC Fine Art

Red Dot Galore!

Our main focus will always be to give artwork new homes. It's so special for us and the artists when that red dot gets placed on a piece. Check out the purchases from Girls' Night!

Susanne Fiederowicz not only purchased 2 of Karen Radiloff's pieces, she also ordered a commision for a third! We are so happy Susanne fell in love with these cows. She also had the amazing opportunity to present Karen with a purchase award at the ACA Gala! Congrats to both Susanne and Karen!

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It's not often that the artist is here to embark on the joy of their work being sold. Michelle Gill purchased BOTH of Sarah Hunyadi's ACA pieces, and Sarah was there to see the red dot's placed on her work! It's so special whenever ADC can take part in forming client-artist relationships. Congrats Michelle and Sarah!

Our own gallery director, Annie Kautz, fell in love with Zachary Sabatelli's ceramic insense burner the moment it entered the gallery. She finalized her purchase at Girls' Night and was able to award  Zachary with a purchase award at the ACA Gala! 


Check out some of these great pics!

We are blessed enough to have an amazing relationship with Twinspire Photography who takes incredible photos of the events held at ADC. Check it out! Make sure to also check out our Facebook album with all of the photos from the evening!

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Huge Kudos to our fabulous hostesses!

This night would not have been possible without the amazing women who agreed to take on the hostess position. These women invited all of their girlfriends and filled our gallery with so many incredible women!

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