"My passion is to connect with others through my art by bringing the vibrant colors, shapes and movement of nature to life on canvas."

- CHRISTINA SODANO, BLINK Art painting abstract artist


Harmony of Nature

Christina Sodano, an abstract painter currently residing in Los Gatos, CA, has shown her work in the BLINK Art Resource since 2020.

Illustration fostered her love for art, while advertising supported her ability to have a successful career. Christina’s dream was to be productive and financially successful as an artist. After college she worked as a professional advertiser in two different agencies. She embraced the creativity of logo design, packaging design, magazine ads, and much more that comes with advertising. She loved the creativity in advertising but still desired to be a painter. As the years passed she worked on building her portfolio as an artist. Painting remains Christina’s first love and a vibrant testament to her profound talent. Her brilliant use of color expresses her passionate respect for the harmony of nature. Christina loves to exaggerate her color and design while transforming the subject on the canvas.

"When i start to design a painting and create a composition, i just focus so strongly on what I'm doing at that time. I get so emgerged in my work ANd i know when i am happy what is coming out of that painting is going to be spectacular because i feel it in my heart."

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Featured artist EXHIBITION

Christina was featured in a one-page spread in our 2020 BLINK Art Resource publication. She has a two-page spread and divider page coming up in our 2021 edition. Below are highlights from her featured artist exhibition at our EAST gallery. Guests were able to sit down and hear directly from Christina about her remarkable work and how she became an artist.

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