After successful shows in Miami and NYC, we decided it was time to head southwest to see the glorious sunsets and find new art collectors, so we headed out to Santa Fe for a long artful weekend. The show was in the gorgeous convention center which was nestled in the middle of a very walkable downtown. We met great people, created memorable and meaningful connections, sold a lot of art, experienced delicious local cuisine and fell in love with the beauty of a very charming community. Mission accomplished! Read on to see our adventure!


We did it!! After our installers fell through, we picked up our power drill, hammer, ladder and tools and got to work. We installed over 60 pieces for the show. It wasn't easy- we had metal, glass, skulls and multiple pieces needing precise measuring, but if there's a will, there's a way and we managed to get it all done in 12 hours!

CHeck Out our Booth!

After a long 12 hour day, our booth turned out amazing! Everything was curated with care to bring the pieces alive. We had many people stop and say how gorgeous the art was. We even received the "Award of Excellence" for our booth! 

tHAT'S a wRAP! (Literally, we wrapped it all back up)

What an incredible experience! Not only did we sell lots of art, but we enjoyed spending time with our artists, meeting collectors and talking art with our art dealer neighbors. We cannot wait until the next show - ART SAN DIEGO here we come!!

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