All everyone could say was WOW! We made sure to welcome our beautiful guests with a red carpet entrance, festive masquerade masks, wine, delightful food, imaginative art and many, many awards! Want to see all the excitement? 

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Sometimes it’s difficult to put into words everything that Art Comes Alive is for our gallery and our artists. The evening is truly a special and unique moment where we can celebrate the artistic talents of so many artists on a magnified scale (and no, I’m not just talking about the 20-foot screen we had this year at the awards ceremony). Simply put, there is no other art competition and exhibit out there that celebrates as many artists with such diverse talents and medium specialties as Art Comes Alive.  

A huge thank you goes out to all our ACA artist finalists who exhibited in this year’s art show. YOU are a continuous fountain of inspiration and motivation behind this incredible event. We know it’s not easy to put your artwork out there, but the celebration and recognition is well worth it in the end. Thank you to our incredible panel of jurors who find the time in their busy art-filled lives to rank all the submissions. Thank you to our partners, whose passion for collecting art supports hundreds of artists year after year. Thank you to our loving community of friends and family who came out to support us! And finally, thank you to my amazing staff who work so hard to make this the best art competition and exhibit in the nation. 

2022 Art Comes ALive Exhibition

Every year we see some of the most extraordinary work from artists all around the world! This year was even more exceptional. Over 3,000 pieces were entered and only 260 were selected. Click the arrows below to see more images!

walking the red carpet

Who wouldn’t want to wear a gown and walk the red carpet? We welcomed nearly 300 artists, art collectors, family and friends to ACA 2022.

the event

This year was a Masquerade theme with festive masks, great food, flowing wine, and a lot of dancing! 

Awards Ceremony

Over 75 awards were given out including purchase awards, gallery contracts, publication awards, membership in Blink Art Collective, specialty awards, and a solo booth at a national art show for a lucky artist! 


Click on the link below to see a full list of our 2022 ACA Award Winners and their artwork. 

Couldn't make it to the show? No WOrries! Click on our albums below to see the exhibition and awards Ceremony!