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terms & conditions

You're about to take a big step in your career - please read the following terms and provide the necessary information in the form below.

Gallery Contract - Both parties agree to the following:

1. The artist grants ADC Fine Art the right to sell their artwork* under the terms of this agreement.   *All artwork in the gallery is exclusive to ADC for one year and will be featured on our website and in the gallery.

2. ADC Fine Art will pay the artist 50% of the proceeds from each sale, when applicable a 20% trade discount may be applied. (For example, if the retail price is $1000, 20% off would be $800. The artist and ADC would receive $400 each.) Please initial below if you would like to deny the 20% discount.

3. ADC Fine Art will keep records of both online or gallery artworks that are sold internally and noted with a red dot on the website.

4. ADC offers a 7-day 100% return policy for customers. The amount determined will be paid to the artist via company check within 30 days of the sale.

5. After the full year, the agreement will terminate unless both parties decide to renew. If the artist or gallery chooses not to renew, the artist will receive 30 days to pick up any unsold artwork or provide a shipping label for its return. Artwork remaining in the gallery past the 30 days will no longer be insured.

6. The artist will pay for shipping for all works to and from ADC.

7. If damage occurs during transit to the gallery, ADC will document damages to the box and the artwork and notify the Artist. The Artist is responsible for filing a claim with the shipper.