Tessa Woodrey, Assistant Gallery Director – Art Design Consultants


Tessa Woodrey, Assistant Gallery Director

Tessa is the Assistant Gallery Director. She helps customers with frame and art selections, manages art inventory, works with artists and designers, and assists with special gathering projects.

Tessa received her undergraduate degree in Art History at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), and she has a concentration in 20th century and Contemporary Art. While studying at SCAD, she made a conscious effort to learn the creative processes of most mediums, so she has a beginner’s knowledge in painting and sculpture with a more developed knowledge in ceramics & printmaking. Her additional interests include Aesthetic and Architectural Theory and Philosophy.

Tessa enjoys traveling to art museums, yoga, hiking, cooking, and baking. She loves dogs and she has two hilarious rescue dogs named Joey and Chico.

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