Success Summit: Bonnie Mansour – Art Design Consultants


Success Summit: Bonnie Mansour

Bonnie Mansour Bonnie Mansour

Co-Founder and CEO, Art Leaders Gallery

 Art Leaders Gallery is a prominent art dealer in Michigan, servicing residential and commercial clientele. Dominating the art scene for over two decades, Art Leaders boats a vast network of commercial dealings rooted in consulting services for local designers, architects and industry professionals. Bonnie celebrates her 25th year in business in 2017, juggling hats and titles as both the Fine Art Curator and CEO.

Bonnie Mansour is an artist herself. She understands that varied eclectic tastes abound in the world of fine art. Her love for art is due not only to its aesthetic appeal, but because of the powers and emotions art evokes. Her experience enables her to intuitively and successfully gauge her customers and designers needs and tastes. Her experience in both art and design fields enables her to build great, long-term relationships with clients and artists.


Summit Sessions

Maintaining a Relationship with Residential Gallery Owners: Dos and Don’ts

Professional success is important to everyone, but real success – the kind that exists on multiple levels – is impossible without building great relationships.  True success happens when you treat people with kindness, regard and respect.

In this session you will discover ways to develop and keep relationships with art galleries and dealers.  Bonnie will share with you key points which include how to set up personal meetings, the ins and outs of using social media to make connections and the importance of building trust.  He will also discuss how important it is to take risks and to see your art career as a long term commitment.

Bonnie will thoroughly lay out the dos and don’ts of how to properly treat your gallery – gallery ethics.  There are aspects of the gallery world that you would never think of unless you are involved as an owner or employee.  For someone to sell your artwork, their skillset must be as vast as the artists.  Let Bonnie teach you how to work well with galleries and handle tricky situations so that your reputation will expand your esteem instead of cement you down to the same block.

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