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Success Summit: Bette Ridgeway

Bette Ridgway

Bette Ridgeway


Bette Ridgeway is a practicing artist who lives and works in Santa Fe, NM, one of the largest art markets in the U.S. She is best known for her large, translucent poured acrylics on canvas and linen. Her work has received international recognition in recent years including Art Tour International Magazine’s Top 60 International Contemporary Masters 2017, the Oxford University Prize at the Chianciano Museum’s Art of the Mind Exhibition in Tuscany and the DaVinci Prize in Rome in 2016.

In addition to creating and marketing her own art, she enjoys helping other artists achieve their goals. Her book, Talent is Just the Beginning – An Artists Guide to Marketing in the 21st Century continues to receive rave reviews on Amazon.  

The artist, along with her agent, Sue Roderick has formed a company, R and R Art Services which works with artists, collectors and galleries to advance their goals.  Among their many services are workshops and coaching sessions with artists, custom-designed websites, branding programs and more. |    


Summit Sessions

Friday: More than Making a Living: Creating Life as An Artist

In this session, award-winning artist Bette Ridgeway will share her favorite work/life balance tips. She'll discuss her own experiences, namely the greatest challenges and rewards of being a working artist and how she balances her creativity with other obligations as a savvy business woman. Drawing on her own successful career, she'll help you achieve more balance, productivity, and success as a working artist.

Saturday: An Artist's Point of View: Creativity & Commerce

Bette Ridgeway, acclaimed artist says, "This is our time. All the structures have been disrupted. Independent musicians, writers have taken back the power from the labels. Visual Artists can reach their customers without galleries and performing artists are building audiences outside the mainstream venues. We are living in an interesting time when we can choose to play 'inside the system' and get recognition and validation from the established order and be entrepreneurial and set up our art as a business, operating on our own terms with our own measures of success." In this presentation, Bette will will explore the question: What does it take to be a successful artist? As the author of Talent is Just the Beginning, Ridgeway works with artists to achieve measurable results in their art biz, generate long-term goals that focus on income-generating options, and organizing two complimentary functions – the studio and the office. The goal is to understand and refine our marketing and business strategies. As both an artist and a business coach, Bette will provide valuable insights that only an artist can. 



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