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Success Summit: Andrea Rosenfeld

Andrea Rosenfeld Andrea Rosenfeld

Founder & CEO, Detroit Art and Business Institute

Professional fine artist, trusted business consultant and Founder/CEO of Detroit Art & Business Institute Andrea Rosenfeld combines her vast experience in art and business operations with boundless passion for supporting the creative industries. Andrea empowers creative entrepreneurs through mindful education, connections and opportunities. As the former director of merchandising and operations with Isaac Mizrahi, Ltd in New York she brings extensive knowledge of growth strategies to her many clients and students, both in the fashion industry and beyond.

Creatives gain business clarity with Andrea through private consulting and her Mind Your Art Business growth course. “I guide creatives along their entrepreneurial journey by supplying the tools and knowledge necessary to build healthy, successful and strong businesses, profitably price their products, market and promote themselves and find their ideal clients while keeping their artistic integrity,” says Rosenfeld. To date, she’s guided over 260 small business owners and has a growing, national membership of 1,300 artists and industry professionals.

In addition to her educational programming, she educates others as a panelist and speaker at conferences, symposiums, and workshops. Andrea is proud to be the entertainment lead for AIA Detroit’s Celebration of Architecture event held during the Detroit Design Festival, a business consultant and educator through Lawrence Tech University/Detroit Center for Design + Technology’s Design Accelerator Program, and she volunteers for the Ferndale Art & Culture Commission.


Summit Sessions

Build a Bridge Between Your Art & Business to Reach Your Goals

Did you know that industry professionals search high and low for talented artists that are ALSO business-savvy?

They actually weed out creatives who lack specific business skills.  Nowadays with the overabundance of talent out there it’s necessary not only to stand out artistically, but also to have a keen business mindset, especially if you want strong, profitable and long-lasting relationships.  And as important as marketing & sales are to securing relationships with buyers, they’re not enough to move you into the professional sphere that galleries, retailers, private clients and sales representatives desire.  

Many artists can be fearful of or overwhelmed by the thought of “building a creative enterprise,” mainly because they haven’t been exposed to mindful strategies that speak their unique language or answer to their specific challenges and goals. Comprehensive business strategies for artists that are practical, easy-to-grasp and empowering are available, but first you have to build a bridge from your artist mindset to a business mindset. In this session, Andrea Rosenfeld, fine artist, business consultant and Founder/CEO of Detroit Art & Business Institute will you offer tools and materials to build your own sturdy bridge to success and expose you to important concepts you’ve never imagined. Open your mind and get ready to learn:

  • how to craft a business without losing artistic integrity
  • how to use your creative process in business development
  • why marketing and sales are only a slice of a successful company and what else is needed
  • how to turn your sights inside for a healthy enterprise
  • how to ask the introspective questions you need to move you in the right direction

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