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Art for Hospitals, Medical Offices and Senior Living

ADC is committed to providing beautiful environments with original artwork, often where they are needed most - in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. When others need encouragement, the presence of artwork can be powerful and impactful. Certain colors, mediums, and styles are more conducive to reducing anxiety and stress, bringing forth feelings of optimism and hope. At ADC, we will help you choose the right pieces of artwork to create a warm and inviting space that not only helps patients and their family members feel comfortable, but also gives the hardworking staff energy and peace of mind.


How does it work?

  • ADC works directly with your facility to determine style, location, budget and timeline
  • We use photographs of the space, fabric samples, and color swatches to present a body of artwork and layout best suited for the needs of your patients, families and staff
  • Once you give the thumbs up, our qualified team will install the project quickly and efficiently
  • If your project is for a public, high traffic area, ask us about security hardware – a hanging system that keeps your art locked to the wall.


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