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Unique to Art Comes Alive, our partners sponsor the artists and make a dollar-value commitment for purchasing artwork from the final ACA exhibit. For example, Platinum Partnerships are worth $5,000 which equals a guaranteed spending of $5,000 on purchasing artwork from ACA accepted artists!


$20,000 Healthcare Project
This large healthcare and educational institution is working on multiple projects and is seeking a variety of works to include sculpture, paintings, glass, mixed media, murals and site specific commissions for their on-going projects. They are excited to see all types of work from ACA artists!

$15,000 Private Collector
A cerebral tax attorney finds his artistic predispose for great art and is looking for other large and dramatic pieces to tie in with his current collection and other works he has
purchased from ACA last year.

$10,000 Private Collector
A long term eclectic couple who love art are looking for new pieces for their summer lake house. They love sculpture, abstract paintings and installation driven pieces.

$10,000 Private Collector 

A New York couple and their two children recently moved to one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Cincinnati. Their newly renovated home boasts beautiful open spaces including a glamorous living area, dining room, bedroom and massive great room. They have currently collected many pieces and are looking for many more from our ACA artists!

$10,000 Private Collector
This married couple recently moved into a beautiful hilltop home with glorious views of the city and river. Besides large windows they also have large expansive spaces that they need to fill with art. They are looking for modern, yet warm and colorful works that add to their beautiful home and their unique personalities.

$10,000 Private Collector
An artful couple who have been collecting for many years recently transitioned to a home with open spaces. They are looking for unique and special pieces that they can add to their current collection and thrilled to be able to see what ACA artists have to offer. 

 $5,000 Private collector
A dynamic couple with multiple homes and an eclectic style are looking to further energize their space. They love glass and mixed medias that are installation driven to unify their upper and lower levels.

$5,000 Private Corporate Collector
This highly successful financial wealth management firm recently expanded their offices. ADC worked with them on their first renovation and was asked to help them with the new expansion. They currently have artists works in all medium and would like to add even more to give energy and color to their new space. They especially paintings, mixed media and glass and are looking forward to see all the new artwork ACA brings in.

$5,000 Private Corporate Collector
A retired couple living in a 15,000 sf home is looking to further their art collection. The wife wants something inviting for their master suite and the husband is interested in finding a piece of sculpture for his study.

$5,000 Private Corporate Collector
Long term supporters of ADC and ACA, this highly successful law firm is coming back this year to fill their new office expansion with additional artwork. They’ve collected many different works and especially love photography, paintings and sculpture.

$5,000 Private Collector
This couple has purchased numerous pieces for their home and are looking for additional works. They are interested in mixed media as well as outdoor sculpture and love color. They are very excited to see what ACA artists enter this year.

$5,000 Private Collector
This couple recently built a four story glorious home on the river and have been collecting a variety of works. Besides have a few other spaces they need to fill with two dimensional works. they are looking specifically for a sculpture for their great room and excited to see what ACA artists enter this year.

$5,000 Private Collector
A real estate investor and his wife have been long term clients of ADC and looking to add additional artwork in their expansive 10,000 home. Although the home is traditional, they are always very open minded to finding pieces that are unusual and unique. They love all mediums including paintings, mixed media, drawings, photography, glass and sculpture and are looking forward to adding to their collection.

$5,000 Private Collector
A prominent surgeon recently built a beautiful home along the river. He and his wife are looking to fill a few walls with unusual mixed media works. The surgeon is also looking for something special in his office.

5,000 Corporate Collectors
This investment firm is looking for new pieces in their management division. Last year they selected many works by ACA artist and love modern paintings with lots of color. They are looking forward to seeing what ACA artists have this year.

$2,500 Corporate collector
A plastic surgeon is looking for something figurative for the reception area in his office. He and his wife love all types of work, especially paintings, sculpture and glass.

$2,500 Private Collector
This couple recently became empty nesters, but instead of downsizing, they purchased an even larger, grander home. They have a large wall in their foyer that they are looking to fill with something special. They are excited to see what artwork ACA brings in this year.

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