ACA Juror: Alicia DeMers – Art Design Consultants


ACA Juror: Alicia DeMers

Alicia DeMers

Owner, Ipséity Art Design

Bozeman, MT

Alicia DeMers started her career as an artist, having her first show in high school. In college she became a gallery owner, initially showing her work, then curating exhibitions for progressive artists to internationally known artists. This lead to a position at a contemporary art museum, serving as the assistant director v.s., to managing and consulting for contemporary and western art galleries, art brokering, and designing commercial and residential spaces. Now she has merged this knowledge by founding a new venture, acting as curator and art designer for Ipséity Art Design. With Alicia's extensive experience she is able to tap into all these areas of expertise using art and design to create collections and spaces that reflect ipseity, which also couples as an investment. 

1 Gallery Contract Award

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