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Posted on 06 March 2014

Custom framing goes beyond paintings, prints, and posters. Custom framing is a craft far more playful, creative, and meaningful than many people realize. So excuse me while I tap into my inner Beyonce to tell you, 'If you like it than you should have put a frame on it.'


There are so many insanely creative ways to use framing to your advantage. It's not always just 'fine art' that deserves to be displayed on our walls- but also things that capture our personality, tell stories of our journeys, and beautiful reminders of the people, places, and things that we love.


We get to see a lot of unique things come into the ADC frame shop...from violins to NASCAR suits! And the results of these framed treasure never ceases to amaze both us, and the clients. A frame can truly complete a look!


Our VP of Operations, Chris Morris working on a project in the ADC frame shop.


Books, book covers, and pages with your favorite pieces of a story, are such a unique and fun thing to frame...not to mention, they make a fantastic gift for any literature lover! The covers are art themselves, and framing them in a shadow box creates gorgeous depth.

framed booksbooks



Maps are another awesome thing draw attention too with a custom frame job. Maps have beautiful colors and pattern, and are a wonderful way to publicly chronicle the places you lived or visited.

tjd4182-lr-ls Majesty-Maps-Large-Framed-Map-of-Italy 9372f0e021e35ca30172b1e944e64c66



Every one finds beauty and mystery in different trinkets and treasures that get collected over time. Coins, war memorabilia, antique postcards, dried flowers and leaves all can be framed and artfully displayed rather than tucked away in a drawer or attic collecting dust.

medals in bdrm




Your space should reflect your character. Are you a fashionista? Frame shopping bags from your favorite stores, or the antique necklace your grandmother handed down to you.

framed necklace in rm 1d7c19db069457e10114b5e0519b1d1d

Are you a sports fan? Frame your tickets, jersey, or baseball bat! Love beer, wine, whiskey? Labels of your favorite brands are amusing and whimsical ways to liven up your walls!

 baseball and bar cartoriginal_vintage-french-wine-labels-framed


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