Top 6 Reasons to Partner with Galleries to Sell and Show Your Art at Trade Shows

Top 6 Reasons to Partner with Galleries to Sell and Show Your Art at Trade Shows

One of my favorite things about what I do for a living is helping people select and buy art. After doing it for twenty-five years, you might say I am an expert (though I am the first to admit, I am learning something new every day).

Becoming an expert—whether at selling art or creating art—takes focus. I have been able to become great at what I do because I have been able to focus on my clients and customers. And the artists I represent have become successful too, because they can focus on their art while I focus on marketing, selling, and promoting their work. It’s a great partnership.

By each focusing on our expertise we both succeed!

Partnering with a Gallery at Trade Shows Pays Off

One of the ways this partnership works best is at trade shows and art shows. Every year we at ADC/Blink Art exhibit our artists’ work at major shows like Artexpo New York, Spectrum Miami, and Artexpo Contemporary Las Vegas. For every show, we select premium, centrally located booth space to exhibit our artists’ works, and spend months preparing for the show’s presentation, marketing, and promotion. And during the show, my team of expert art consultants and I personally attend to every single visitor. As trained and professional consultants, we help clients purchase the art of their dreams. We also handle all the shipping, packaging, installation, and take down. After the show is over, we send out a list of thousands of prospects (industry professionals and collectors) who registered through Blink Art for VIP tickets. This personal follow-up is crucial in fostering relationships with interested buyers and clients. We help artists sell so they can focus on creating.

I can’t emphasize this enough to artists: Let us help you! We know you’re so busy and there is only so much time in a day to create. This is where we—gallery owners and art consultants—come in. Here are the top 6 reasons to partner with gallery like ours to sell and show your art at trade shows:  

1. Location, location, location.

As a premier exhibitor, we always have a large, centrally located booth that is the centerpiece of each show. You’ll get the exposure you otherwise couldn’t by having a small booth, located far from central exhibit traffic.

image of blink art's booth at artexpo new york 2016 where they help artists sell their work.

Our booth at Artexpo New York


2. You’re among peers.

We represent some of the world’s most recognized and sought-after artists. Don’t you want your art work to share wall space with other nationally and internationally recognized artists? As a business person and gallery owner, I LOVE when my name or the name of my company is mentioned or featured next to other industry leaders. I don’t feel competitive or that others will outshine me, rather I feel honored. It’s an honor to be among equals and—yes—even people more successful than me. Trust me, you want your work to be considered some of the best in the world. Sometimes to stand out, you have to stand together!


3. Someone else sells for you.

One of the complaints I hear most from artists is that they don’t want to “sell” their work. It’s uncomfortable. They don’t feel like they’re “good” at it and they’re not “business” people. I get it. Selling or helping to people to buy (as I like to call it) is an art in and of itself. And it’s taken me and my team years of practice to perfect the skills and techniques to close a sale. So my humble advice: Let the experts sell your work. Spend your time at trade shows networking with gallerists and buyers, looking at exhibitors where your art would be a great fit, and fostering a relationship with your gallery. Or, if you don’t want to be or can’t be at the show, that’s fine too: We’ll be helping people buy your art whether you’re there or not. It’s a win-win.



4. Someone else does the marketing and installation, too.

Every artist knows that it takes work to get people to a show or exhibit. The email creation, social media, and direct mail marketing are all costly and time-consuming. Let us handle that too. We have tens of thousands of people on our e-newsletter list, thousands more who follow us on social media, and we have built relationships with trade buyers and designers. Why reinvent the wheel. Let us leverage our relationships and contacts. As far as hanging the work: let us do that too. You ship us the work, we hang it, and display it. We know how to make your work stand out. When it’s all over, we handle the sales and shipping too.


5. You’re able to connect with buyers after the show.

We collect the contact information of every prospective client. When the show is over we SEND you this information. Having direct contact with buyers and collectors is invaluable. And we give it to you when you exhibit with us. Wow.


6. We are in this together!

Our talented team will guide you every step of the way with a planned exhibitor schedule, artwork selection (so you select work that will work best in with a particular market), and we will prepare wall layouts prior to the show. We work hard so that showing with us is less expensive, less time-consuming, and less stressful for our artists.

If you’re on the fence about participating in an internationally recognized show, I would say: Let us help you! And if you’re thinking about attending the upcoming Spectrum Miami show in December, the Las Vegas show, or the New York show in the spring, you can’t afford to wait much longer. Our walls are already filling up. In fact, we only have 10 feet and 4 feet wall space available for the Las Vegas show.


Litsa Spanos is the president of Art Design Consultants, Founder of Blink Art and Curated by Blink Art, and Author of Secrets of the Art World.


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