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Top 10 Reasons for Entering ACA 2015

Posted on 02 April 2015

…apart from the $200,000+ in awards and delicious food!

This week we’re taking a page from Letterman’s book of late night television and doing our own version of The Top Ten List. The top 10 reasons artists should enter Art Comes Alive 2015 are…


10. Publicity Just for Entering

Artists often hesitate entering competitions like ACA because of the uncertainty their work will make it to the final exhibit. But, ACA is different. Every artist that enters work will be publicized for a full year by the host, Art Design Consultants. Your work will be showcased on their website, blog, and email blasts to over 50,000 contacts.

Art Design Consultants Online Art Store


9. Reach Your TARGET Audience

Our jurors work on a broad range of projects, from hospitality, healthcare, and corporate to residential clients and private collectors. If you feel your artwork falls into a certain “niche,” ACA has got it covered.

Corporate Art Projects | Art Design Consultants | San Felipe


8. Category Awards

There is nothing comparable to the pride you feel when you are awarded the artist of the year in your medium or subject. The check in your name doesn’t hurt either.

Art Comes Alive ACA Category Awards | Art Design Consultants


7. Networking

This is an amazing opportunity to meet the most prestigious names in the art business. Not only are our jurors and sponsors looking forward to meeting you, they want to see & sell your work! Building mutually beneficial relationships can make a long lasting impact on your career.

Networking Opportunities at Art Comes Alive ACA | Art Design Consultants | Kate Messer Photography 2014


6. Purchase Awards

ACA’s partnerships are money put toward buying the work showcased in the final exhibit. Sponsors = promised sales! We have over $35,000 in Purchase Awards this year (aka over $35,000 in guaranteed sales.)

Art Comes Alive Purchase Awards for Artists | Art Design Consultants | Kate Messer Photography 2014


5. Special Awards

Unique awards are often the best awards to receive. Want a solo booth at ArtExpo New York? Want to be showcased in Art Business News & artblend? Want a full-page in Blink Art Resource? Yeah, we thought so.

ACA Art Comes Alive Publication Opportunities | Art Design Consultants


4. Awards of Honor

Lifetime Achievement, Emerging Artist of the Year, Best of Show and Runner Up are the highest honor to receive as an artist. Isn’t it time you were recognized for your hard work & talent?

ACA Art Comes Alive Awards of Honor | Art Design Consultants | Kate Messer Photography 2014


3. Gallery Contracts

This year we are awarding 13 gallery contract awards with galleries from all over the country. These awards can help kick-start or expand your career as an artist. A gallery contract lasts beyond the closing of the exhibition, giving you the chance to sell your work and grow as an artist.

Gallery Contracts available through Art Comes Alive ACA | Art Design Consultants


2. Win Multiple Awards

When you enter, you don’t have to specify what awards you are interested in winning. We don’t like to allow artists to pigeon hole themselves. ACA artists can win multiple awards! Want to win a purchase award, category award, AND a gallery contract? You just may leave the exhibit feeling like Adele. ACA makes that possible!

ACA Art Comes Alive award opportunities | Art Design Consultants


And the number one reason artists should enter Art Comes Alive 2015 is…



The ultimate goal for any artist is to sell their work. Through this competition- and a combination of the jurors, sponsors, exhibit, awards, and publicity -this is your chance to get your artwork seen! Give people the opportunity to discover your talent by getting your artwork ‘out there’ & noticed through the help of ACA. It only takes one person falling in love with your work to find your art a home.

ACA Art Comes Alive Monetary Rewards and Increased Sales for Artists | Art Design Consultants


ACA Entry Tip #3

During the entry process, each entrant is allowed four uploads. In the past, we’ve been asked several times how to showcase a work of art from different perspectives without using all four uploads (since it is the same work of art, just from a different vantage point.) This can easily be done from your computer at home using the Paint application by simply pasting two images together, side by side, or one above the other and save as one image to then upload. (Did you miss Tip #1 and #2? Check them out here!)


If you have any questions regarding Art Comes Alive or the application process, please don’t hesitate to contact Elizabeth Davis, Art Design Consultants’ Gallery Director, by email or phone 513-723-1222.
We look forward to seeing your work!
Deadline to enter is May 1st!


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