The Influence of Corporate Art

Posted on 15 January 2014


It can feel like we spend a lot of our life going, going, going. But I’d like to argue we spend a significant amount of time waiting. We are forced to slow down in morning traffic, forced to wait for our lunch to warm up in the microwave, forced to wait on appointments, for investments to pay off, or even in line at the store. And for these moments of inevitable slow motion, I am thankful.

Click image to see more of Ken Rausch's artwork

Click image to see more of Kevin Poole's artwork


In a generation of high speed internet and 4G devices, I think it wise to every now and then sit still, and wait. And of course, I wholeheartedly believe if waiting, it should be done in a beautiful environment.

Mixed media piece by Lisa Schafer



Piece by Philip Lavelle

Lobbies and waiting rooms in corporations and hospitals exist to give clients and patients a space to wait. It is becoming more and more important to companies to turn this space into a comfortable, welcoming, and inspiring space filled with beautiful works of art. Environment can affect stress level and mood, and can make crucial and lasting impact on first impressions.


"The Crossing" by Brian Truono

"Tyler Davidson" by Paul Vollman


The economy is slowly but surely improving and many companies are taking the opportunity to revamped their image, re-brand themselves as a fresh start, and to reassure clients and employees, ‘hey, we still got it!’ And fine art is playing a huge roll in this aesthetic upgrade. The variety in styles and genre of fine make it easy for a company to showcase their own unique personality and set themselves apart from the competition.


Left: mixed media piece by John Landsiedel / Right: painting by Trish Weeks

Click HERE to see more of Trish Weeks' artwork


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