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The Beauty of White

Posted on 21 August 2014

What is it about white that we love so much? From our smiles to our diamonds—there is something utterly alluring about the purity and freshness of white. The most fantastic thing about a completely white space is that it is simply a blank canvas for us to add splashes of our own expression! This week we've decided to feature some of the talented artists that have decided to become a part of Blink Art Resource Guide!  Take a look at their work and while your at it take a look at some of the PERKS of becoming a part of Blink!


White room modern interior design with artwork by Chin Yuen | Art Design Consultants
Mixed Media work by Chin Yuen


Striking Accord

When you are working with a vibrant color palette in a single space, white is the perfect way to balance and ground the design. White works as a neutral ground when the accompanying artwork in the room is busy. Any piece that can seem overwhelming in composition or color is easily offset by the purity of a white foundation. Why are the walls of galleries and museums white? This is the best way to create a visual background and foreground. White spaces are one of the best environments to display your favorite pieces of artwork. All the focus will be on the artwork. If you want something to truly be showcased—or to be the focal point of a space—white accents or walls will really make your pieces POP!


Living room design inspiration with bold abstract painting by Jim Otrembiak | Art Design Consultants
Painting by Jim Otrembiak


Upscale classic living room design with horse painting by Donna Bernstein | Art Design Consultants
Painting by Donna Bernstein


White Knight

White is an extremely romantic color (or…really, the absence of color…but, you understand). Any light that filters into a space with a significant amount of white will be reflected and diffused, brightening the room tenfold. This can make a relatively small room feel much larger. White is soft, airy, and cozy—it’s the color of clouds, breaking waves, and whipped cream!  


White and pink delicateliving room style with chandelier and mixed media artwork by Tom Owen | Art Design Consultants
Mixed Media work by Tom Owen


White and slate living room style with mixed media artwork by Marilyn Henrion | Art Design Consultants
Mixed Media work by Marilyn Henrion


Let Me Count the Ways

White is simply transitional. White spaces also permit you to change the look of the room as often as you please. Without having to worry about clashing colors, you can rotate your artwork at any time! You can have a painting for every season, or feel confident whenever you find your tastes changing from one design style to another that the overall look will still work. White is the clean slate that lets your favorite pieces shine center stage!


Metallic living room style with photography by David W Bullanday | Art Design Consultants
Photograph by David W Bullandy


White living room style with artwork by Candace Primack | Art Design Consultants
Mixed Media work by Candace Primack


It’s your turn!

Now that you have seen what these talented artists can do, let’s get your work out there, too! Blink Art Resource Guide is looking to fill some spots in our Ceramics, Mosaics, Metal, Fiber and Glass sections. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Learn more about Blink Art Resource Guide at or call us at 513.723.1222. The deadline for artists to register is September 30!


Wondering if Blink is for you? Check out the Perks! OR Register Now!

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