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The Art of Love

Posted on 14 February 2017

It’s Valentine’s Day and we’re feeling the love! This holiday inspires romance, passion, and love, so we have some design tips for making the most of this seasonal inspiration! Add a little something to your favorite rooms in the house with sizzling hot reds, lovely floral motifs, and energetic abstracts. There are no limits to love, or the possibilities when you’re in love with a work of art! We’ve got something for any space you can imagine.



Who doesn’t love a bold statement piece in the family room? The space where we spend the most time with our family, friends, and honored guests is the perfect place to add a piece of artwork that’s going to stimulate conversation. The bursts of red against the black and white in this piece by Anyes Galleani exude passion, seduction, and strong emotions!

Anyes Galleani



Artwork doesn’t always have to be the focal point in the middle of a wall. Give a little love to those awkwardly—shaped nooks! Narrow, vertical artwork is the perfect solution to these often forgotten spaces. But don’t think that because the space is small that the artwork has to sit quietly in the background. Hang a piece full of bold colors and movement! The pop of red in this painting by Frank Satogata is what makes this piece, and now this corner, demand attention!

Frank Satagota



Make your Valentine’s Day flowers last a lifetime by bringing them into the house on a canvas! These everlasting beauties will never wilt and will stay in season through spring and summer. Soft pinks, like Jim Otrembiak’s floral triptych, will brighten up a white room without overpowering other design elements.

Jim Otrembiak

If you’re feeling a little more passionate and bold, a large, impressionistic abstract is perfect for setting the mood. Marlene Yamada’s bold red and orange piece looks like falling petals, but rather than delicate and calm, exudes fiery passion!

Marlene Saneya Yamada



If we haven’t hit the spot, maybe your style is a little more on the traditional side. You can bring red tones into your space with a landscape painting, like this one by Trish Weeks. While a bit abstracted, there is more of a foreground and background distinction as well as a horizon. A piece like this would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that keeps on giving all year round! These shades will continue to shine through all seasons of the year.

Trish Weeks

Or maybe your style is even MORE bold than we thought! If your space is full of other bold design elements, you need artwork that can hold its own, right? Go big or go home with Brian Goodman’s abstracted photography! You get your fix of passion, energy, and bold colors, and a work of art that can you adore!

Brian Goodman


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