The Best Content Marketing Tips for Social Media

the best content marketing tips for social media

Tired of your content on social media being overlooked? Do you feel like you’re spending too much time planning and drafting content and not enough time in the studio? We touched a bit on types of content in our Instagram marketing tips blog a couple weeks back, but here we’re going to dive a bit deeper.  

Don’t say content marketing isn’t for you, because you’re probably already doing it without even knowing it. Just by creating artwork and telling friends about it or taking a picture of a work-in-progress to post on social media is content marketing.  But I’m here to make sure what your posting is the most effective it can be to build a loyal audience of followers and future buyers.

Before you read any further, take a second to open the notes section of your iPhone and type out what content marketing is to you. How do you define it?

Yes, content marketing is a branch of marketing, but it’s not that in-your-face-buy-me sort of advertising hooey you’re thinking of (and most likely sick of seeing). And if that’s the type of content you’re posting, then stop it right now.

original artwork by Paula Brett

Abbondandza by Paula Brett



So, what is content marketing, exactly?

Business definition: content marketing is a strategic approach of creating and distributing content that old and new customers find valuable, relevant, and consistent with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

To break it down, content marketing is everything you’re doing (or not doing yet) via your website’s blog, your email newsletter, and on social media to promote your artwork and provide valuable content that informs and engages your customers. In short, content marketing is your brand personality and how you connect your artwork to customers.

Was the definition you jotted down above close to this?

While the term covers a vast, and important, segment of marketing, we’re going focus today’s blog on how to produce the best content for social media to attract and retain followers, and better yet, how to convert them into buyers.   

Why is good content marketing important?

No one wants to be sold to. Plain and simple. If you’re just posting a picture of your artwork and listing the title, size, medium, and price, it’s going to be passed over. Even if it’s the best piece you’ve ever created.  Think of your content output as an extension of who you are and your personality. Isn’t that what your artwork is after all? No one likes to be sold directly, we need to see the value in something or believe in the product (your artwork) to move to purchase. Instead of pitching your artwork or creative services, try providing truly relevant and useful content to your prospects and customers to inspire and educate them.



Content Marketing Ideas to Market Your Artwork on Social Media

Keep in mind the content ideas below can be shared as posts on social media as images, time-lapse videos, Live videos, and more!

Purple Vessels by Linda Leviton

Start a Blog

While there is a slew of reasons to blog for SEO purposes, here is where you get to communicate with your readers and tell your story the way you want to tell it. If you enjoy writing, creating a blog and contributing monthly content is a great way to reach a wider audience and give people a more personal look into the reasons behind your art and creative process.

Inspiring Content

As an artist, you’re inspired all the time, so you know that feeling you get when you see an image, a quote or read an article that moves you? Your followers on social media feel it too! Share inspirational content occasionally if you think it will inspire your followers! One of the best things to remember about content marketing is it’s not always about you or your artwork.

Ask Questions

Asking questions and replying to your audience is a great way to engage them and develop a deeper connection with followers. Try posing a range of questions from easy-to-answer or more thought-provoking ones. On the flip side, you could host an “Ask Me Anything” on IG stories where you’re the one answering questions from your followers.

Research shows that interaction with your customers on social media can encourage them to purchase from you. What does this mean for you? You got to be in it to win it. If you’re not present on social media platforms, and your competitors are, then you’re at a disadvantage.

Tips and Tricks

People follow other people on social media for two reasons: to be inspired and to learn something. Creating short tidbits of insights into your creative process or sharing advice you’ve learned over the years is a great way to gain trust and build up your authority on certain techniques and processes.

Share Other Creatives’ Content

It’s okay to branch out a bit and share other people’s content. Plus, it’s almost virtually impossible to generate enough content all on your own. Think of it as content curation and general goodwill. The reciprocity of sharing other’s content will be returned by your content being shared by others.  

Contests and Giveaways

Though it may take some time to organize your thoughts and graphics for giveaways and contests, they are a great way to build buzz about your artwork or creative service. Usually, the general format for a giveaway is asking people to comment, follow your handle and tag their friends (so they can participate too), which helps broaden the reach a post normally receives.

Behind the Scenes

When an art collector buys a piece of art they are also investing in you, the artist and creator. Sharing behind-the-scenes photos and studio tours via video lets people inside your world and forges a deeper relationship with your artwork.

Cross Currents Subjective: Limeade by Jennifer W. Schwartz


Content Marketing Calendar

Now that you’re familiar with different content types you can create to share on social media, form a consistent schedule for your content. Posting regularly helps keep your current customers engaged and attracts new followers. 

We’ve created a downloadable 2019 social media calendar to help keep your posts organized. Download it here.


Most importantly, be original with your content. Take everything in stride – if you feel like some of the points I mentioned above just isn’t you, then don’t do it. Just be true to who you are and use a content marketing mix that works best for you and your artwork.



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