Shape Up, or Ship Out

Posted on 30 October 2013

You may know a strong work of art when you see one. The difficult thing can be putting your finger on exactly why it is so strong. It could be the composition and colors, the movement or balance; but more often than not when the words 'dynamic' and 'bold' linger at the tip of your tongue, the artist has successfully demonstrated the use of shape.

Artwork by: Tom Towhey


Click image to see more of Paula Wiggin's artwork

 Five ADC artists stand out for their compelling use of Shape. Tom Towhey, Jolie Harris, Elizabeth Barber Leventhal, Paula Wiggins and Philip LaVelle all use shape in different, yet progressive ways.


Click image to see more of Jolie Harris' artwork


Click image to see more of Paula Wiggin's artwork

Shape, be it geometric or organic, plays a large role in determining the feel and emotion of a piece. The intensity in the lines may increase or decrease the contrast, influencing the overall softness of the work.


Artwork by: Philip Lavelle

Artwork by: Elizabeth Barber Leventhal

We often correlate more intense and geometric shapes with contemporary art. The more fluid and organic shapes, tend to fall on a sliding scale between traditional, transitional, and modern


Click image to see more of Jolie Harris' artwork


Artwork by: Elizabeth Barber Leventhal

Regardless of your tastes, there's artwork out there for you that has the shape to fit your space! Isn't it time your walls shape up, or ship out?

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