How To Set SmART Goals for 2020

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This is usually the time of year where I sit down and put together a New Year’s Resolution blog and provide motivational tips and tricks to sticking with it.  The blog comes full of promise to help continue good practices, change an undesired trait or behavior, or to accomplish a personal goal. However, with the recent move and expansion of our gallery, I found that goal setting is much more effective in achieving your desired results. 

goal setting tips for artists

Now, you may be wondering, what’s the difference between creating a list of New Year’s Resolutions and goal setting. New Year’s Resolutions start as desires, often for self –improvement, and the first few days, weeks, months of the intention are fueled with your ambition to address the bad behavior and correct it. But with no set milestones or tactile goal setting, New Year’s Resolutions quickly fizzle and go unfinished.  

Goal setting allows your desire to change or accomplish a task to be attainable. Yes, any type of change involves the willpower and patience to allow yourself time to move through the process, but with these simple goal-setting tips, you can finally see your New Year’s Resolutions through until the end!  

I’ve pulled the best 2020 goal-setting tips together for this blog, so you can follow through on your goals.   


2020 Goal Setting Tips  

#1 2020 Goal Setting Tip: Think About the Future 

I’m sure you’ve sat down to dream about what will happen in 2020, but what about five years from now, ten, or even 50 years out? Well, now is the time to really start planning – not just your goals for next year. But also set goals for your life and business in five to ten years. 

#2 2020 Goal Setting Tip: Write Down Your Goals (Or Paint Them Out) 

Once you establish where you would like to be in the next five to ten years, write down ways you can achieve your dream. No, the notes section on your phone will not work for this. When you physically express your goals by writing them down or painting them out you subconsciously hold yourself to a higher level of accountability. You’re making a pact with yourself that you are likely not to break.  

#3 2020 Goal Setting Tip: Be Specific and Break the Goal Down into Smaller Goals 

Your goal should be clear and specific, otherwise, you won't be able to focus your efforts or feel truly motivated to achieve it. You can break down the main goal into mini, measurable goals. Why do this? It makes accomplishing these goals more manageable. As the age-old saying goes, “there is only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.” For those that may be unfamiliar with the phrase, what is meant by this is that everything in life that seems daunting, overwhelming, and even impossible can be accomplished gradually by taking on just a little at a time. 

#4 2020 Goal Setting Tip: Have Routine Milestones to Stick with It 

Keep yourself accountable to achieve the goals you set by celebrating each completion of a mini goal. Whether it’s buying yourself a fancy coffee or getting a new tool for your studio. Rewards will keep you motivated throughout the goal-setting journey.  


How to Stick to Your 2020 Goal Setting 

Now, let’s put these tips into practice! I LOVE these goal setting tips from Cultivate What Matters and I hope you do too!  

Write your goals using the Cultivate What Matters Method 

 Goal: Write your goal starting with a verb. 
 My why: Write out WHY this goal matters to you in the big picture. Remember, knowing what matters changes everything! 
 The positive effect taking action on this goal may have on my life and others: Think of the biggest possibilities here—the positive impact this goal could have. Even if your goal feels “small,” write out the big possibilities! 
 Break your goal down into mini-goals: Every big-picture goal is made up of mini-goals along the way. Over the course of the next year, what mini-goals would help you achieve or make progress on your bigger goal? 
 What could stand in the way of your progress? What distractions or challenges could you face? Write out how you’ll turn those challenges into opportunities or what you’ll do to get rid of the roadblocks to your goal. 
 What does it look like to win? What specifically does it look like to complete this goal or make progress? What would it look like to win this goal at the end of 2020? 
 Starting steps + when you’ll do them: Sometimes the hardest part is getting started, right? Write out a few very small starting steps, steps that are so small you can’t help but do them. Also, add a date to each to keep you accountable. You’ll see my examples below! 
 Encouraging words: Give yourself a strong pep talk for the days you know you’ll need it! Bonus tip: Consider including a motivational quote to go with each goal, if you like. 


Getting from point A to B and so on takes more than luck. Goal setting takes effort, specificity, and commitment, and I know you will do it. Happy New Year! In the comments below, tell me a couple of your goals you hope to achieve in your career! 


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