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Posted on 28 July 2015

Trending right now is bold patterned wall coverings, which we absolutely love! Funky patterns likes these can impact a room in a big way, just like art, but often people tend to go with one or the other. We're here to reassure you that you can have your cake and eat it too!

This week we're featuring a collection of artists from Art Design Consultants, Art Comes Alive and Blink Art Resource!



When working with super dominate patterned wallpaper keep within the theme and depending on your color choices, the artwork you set against it will pop or blend accordingly.

Green leaf patterned wallpapaer with art by Marlies Merk Najaka I Blink Art Resource


This pairing is the perfect example of a seamless incorporation of patterned wallpaper and art creating a sophisticated display. Blink artist Marlies Merk Najaka's large leafy work not only compliments the wallpaper in subject matter but also in color. Click image to see more of Marlies' work.

Bathroom patterned wallpaper with artwork by Anyes Galleani I Art Design Consultants

Still staying with the theme of the design by incorporating a woman's face, the artwork doesn't feel out of place, but the bold color choice pops the art right of the wall! Anyes Galleani was an Art Comes Alive award winner and won a a gallery feature on Blink Art Resource! Click photo to see more of her works!


When working with a dramatic abstract wall pattern pair it with a figurative work to keep the room feeling balanced. Look for artwork that has the same consistency and texture as the paper.

Geometric wall pattern with art by Larry Forgard I Art Design Consultants


The blocky nature of Larry Forgard's work pair perfectly with the geometric wall patterning. Click image to see more of Larry's work!

Geometric wallpaper with original art by Nick Stamas I Art Design Consultants

Nick Stamas' piece pops off the wall with the contrasting light and dark colors, but it doesn't feel out of place because the texture of the wall paper and the artwork match. Congratulations to Nick on winning a prestigious gallery contract in New York at this year's ACA. Click image to see more ACA award winners.

Geometric metallic living room wall with original art by JoAnne Helfert Sullam I Art Design Consultants

The same rule applies here as it did to Nick's piece. JoAnne Helfert Sullam's soft brush strokes match that of the wall paper for a seamless feel. Click image to see more of JoAnne's work.


Larger scale rooms mean you have more space to incorporate more patterns and colors.

Geometric style bedroom with art by Jill Lear I Art Comes Alive Winner I Art Design Consultants
This is a bold design, but the high ceilings in the room allow for the colors and patterns to breath and expand through the space. Click image to see more of Jill's works.


Incorporate colors and textures from area rugs to make the room feel finished and unified.

Textured interior design and patterned wallpaper with art by Fran Carlisle I Blink Art Resource

The fine filigree of the flower is complimented by the fur rug and rather than overwhelming the space with a detailed texture the room feels refined and elegant. Click photo to see more of Fran Carlisle's photography on Blink Art Resource!


Floral wallpaper with art by Marti Leroux I Art Comes Alive I Blink Art Resource

This room really packs a punch! The hot pink in Marti Leroux's triptych pulls out the soft pink in the floral wallpaper, but matching yellows in the art and rug is what makes this room work.

Go decorate with confidence that wallpaper and art can be friends and make for one killer statement room! It’s just all about how you create balance within the space

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