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Posted on 05 February 2015

Upgrading your artwork to ‘supersize’ creates a clean and bold statement within your space. 

Think back to last week's blog about decluttering and organizing your space - displaying a large artwork simplifies by creating one focal point. There are so many different perks to going big with your art—whether you are furnishing a small studio apartment, your vaulted ceiling condo, or a huge corporate lobby—large scale 

Oversized art by Kerri Weller I Blink Art Resource
Click image to see more of Kerri Weller's work


Oversized art by Kevin Poole I Art Design Consultants
Click image to see more of Kevin Poole's work


Heads Up

Another fantastic use of large art in smaller rooms is to put an original piece where many may put a headboard. The head of the bed it such a focal point to begin by adding artwork we visually extend the bed as a piece of furniture, bringing the eyes and focus upward. A large piece of art can make a bedroom feel like a boudoir. This has the same effect as an accent wall, turning bland into grand.

Oversized by Robbie Kemper I Art Design Consultants
 Click image to see more of Robbie Kemper's work


Thinking Outside the Box

When you are working with a fairly large space or rooms with high ceilings, at least one large piece of artwork is a must. Smaller works of art can lose their ‘oomph’ and be swallowed up by all the negative space around them. Several small pieces can, of course, create one large visual that fills up the room perfectly. However, this sort of ‘many together makes one’ design principle can create a lovely chaos that can easily be balanced with one large piece—achieving a sort of asymmetric harmony within the space as a whole. Every room needs balance…and large artwork balances the smaller elements of a room brilliantly.

Oversized art by Richard George I Blink Art Resource
Click image to see more of Richard George's work


Go Big or Go Home

There’s big, and then there’s huge. Corporate lobbies are often times one giant expanse of space that undoubtedly needs a large statement piece. If original art is used anywhere in a corporate building, the the high-traffic lobby is where it will be most appreciated. Rooms that are super large risk the chance of feeling cold or uncomfortable. This is why design elements are put into place…paint, furniture, architectural details, and art are what turn warehouse bones into an inviting space.

Oversized corporate artwork by Andrew Levin I Blink Art Resource

Click image to see more of Andrew Levin's photography


Oversized Art by Patrick Williams I Art Design Consultants
Click image to see more of Patrick Williams' work


Facilities managers and designers work together to create these beautiful and welcoming environments. In a spaces this large, big artwork is best. This way the aesthetic purpose of art will not go unnoticed or be lost by the sheer size of the space it sits in.Simply put, large art can stand up to large spaces without losing impact…because, as we know, the moral of the story is:  


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