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Posted on 23 January 2014


Our two newest artists, Jane Robinson and Jill King, are truly masters of movement. The gesturing and flow that exists in their artwork takes center stage to create an energy that would liven up any space!



Jane's abstract paintings have a bold musicality; each stroke planned out with purpose and executed with intention. This precision creates bold and clean contrast that is refreshing to the eye. This however, does not overshadow the playfulness of her work.

"Inspired by early jazz music and influenced by the abstract movement of the fifties, my artwork reflects the movement, rhythm, instruments and 'colour' of the music and art. It opens a portal to an unexplored world - through the looking glass." -Jane Robinson



Jill's works are the epitome of 'blossoming' shape and form. She uses an array of materials -steel, wire, cheese cloth, gold leaf, colored tints, crystal dust and more, to create her sculptures that utilize light to create a luminescent glow through the translucent layers.

"My sculptures journey us from the smallest elements of creation such as a seed under a microscope or into to the vast galaxies light years away. The idea of creating tangible art forms based on untouchable/invisible cosmic forces is what intrigues me.  My organic sculptures, highlight the glory and intricacy of the natural world and represents the cycles of life through the power of growth and transformation"

Jill also captures the movement of her sculptures in two-dimensional drawings through use of fabric and pigment on paper, beautifully portraying the 'spiritual evolution.'

"The beholder travels though timeless swirls and spaces built from thickly layered marks and dashes." -Jill King


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