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Posted on 20 February 2014

We've been keeping it fresh by adding new online artists to the ADC collection. Today we want to introduce you to a few of these new artists and their fantastic work!  

Meet Rebecca Koury

"Her artwork aims to blend both influences of ancient and current cultures. Koury loves the process of discovering how her own life intersects and is not separate from these influences. She asserts that we as human beings are not separate from each other or the earth we inhabit. And no matter what culture or time we are living in, we can find similarities."

Heavenly Bodies #3Heavenly Bodies 5

Meet Kx2

Ruth Avra and Dana Kleinman are collaborative artists and sisters working in metal and painting. "From a distance the work looks sleek and high contrast with hyper-pigmented painting and shiny metal surfaces, yet up close the viewer is struck by hand sanded intricate patterns softening the metal and textural multilayered paintings inspired by natural surfaces" EllipsesIIinteriorcrescandid

Meet Robert Brasher

"Robert’s colors and textures bleed and influence each other equally, until, after many applications of translucent oil, the perception of subject matter begins to assert itself, like a dream, almost forgotten, and begins to gel." robert braher in dn rm























Meet Mark Yale Harris

"I enjoy the challenge of working with permanent and natural materials. Unlike other materials or mediums where one can add or delete, with natural material, one can only delete." -Mark Yale Harris

Half Eaten Apple InteriorAwakening III

Meet John Watson

John Watson is a photographer who dedicates his fine art and designs 'to the merits of a simple and refined aesthetic.' The closer you get to his work, the more you can appreciate the intricate patterns and bits of bold color.  



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