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It’s all About Relationships

Posted on 03 April 2017

...after 25 years of working in the business world, hard work and talent will only take you so far...Networking is Where it's At!

You’ve heard it a thousand times before: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” In fact, I am sure you’ve heard it so much that it’s become easy to dismiss this age-old bit of wisdom that has been passed on for eons 

Now I am not saying that “knowing your stuff” doesn’t matter. Working hard, honing your skills, and using your talents are all still vital to success. But, I have to say, after twenty-five years of working in the business world, hard work and talent will only take you so far. That's why I created the Success Summit


Relationships are the Key to Your Success as an Artist

So what is it that will take you the rest of the way?  

It’s not what. It’s who 

People! That’s who! Friends, family, colleagues, fellow artists, community leaders, business owners, buyers, collectors are the key to your success.  

No one in business makes it on their “own.” It’s impossible. Every successful business person I know has a steady stream of clients who makes their business possible. Every working artist I know has buyers and clients who desire their work, and gallerists and designers who are promoting their work at the same time. And every client of mine has unique needs to fulfill, and people like me and my team who can help them do it. 


People are the Cornerstone of Good Business

Without each other, we couldn’t do what we each do.  

But, here’s the tricky part of relationship building. It’s not easy. Believe me. It takes the time to build relationships. It takes realigning priorities. It’s so easy for me to get locked into what I am doing on daily basis. Anyone of us could work ten hours straight and never think to get up, get out, and talk to someone. That’s why I make it a priority in my life. I purposely schedule lunches, breakfasts, and meetings with all the people that make my business possible. Occasionally, I need to cast my net wider, and so I seek out events where I will meet new people, learn new things, and come away more inspired.  

Smart Networking Now Means More Studio Time Later

I created the Success Summit to do just that for artists. I know artists can throw themselves into their work like no one else. Some of the hardest working and most dedicated people I know are artists. They wake up early, work all day, and do it all over again seven days a week. This is admirable. But, it’s not always sustainable. Over the years, I’ve met many prolific and talented artists who were struggling to survive before they came to me.  They simply didn’t know the right people to talk to, didn’t know some basic business—marketing and branding—skills, or how to price their work, or how to show their work to make an impact.  

In my two-day Success Summit, artists are going to be able to leave the studio behind for a couple of days. They’re going to be able to confer with other artists, talk to gallerists and designers, collectors, buyers, and as well leaders in the art industry. My hope is that every artist comes away with new friendship, if not partnership, and a revitalized sense of passion for the work they do. And I know, from experience, that when you’re in a room with people who share your passion, enthusiasm—and struggles: Magic happens.  

Ideas emerge.  Friendships blossom.  Lives are transformed.  

As a friend of yours, who knows I could not be here today without you, I hope you can join me at our Success Summit on June 9th-10th. I’d love to see you in person and can’t wait to catch up! 


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