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Artist Insider: Highly Effective Habits of Successful Artists

Posted on 04 February 2019

The successful artist who locks himself away in the studio all day, every day and is successful is a myth. This unrealistic fantasy turns into an unhealthy habit that most artists adopt and try to fulfill, might I add, very unsuccessfully.   

If you’ve ever wondered what other artists do to maintain a healthy art career and sell more art, we’ve got the answers. To take this myth and bust it wide open, we interviewed some of our top-selling Blink Art artists to get their best advice on developing and maintaining healthy habits that result in sales.

Selling artwork is more than just sitting in your studio and creating away. It’s about your day-to-day mental wellness, how you’re engaging with customers, and how you manage your material inventory.

In this blog, you’ll learn some highly effective habits of successful artists.

original artwork by Bette Ridgeway

Romantica by Bette Ridgeway

They make sure to find time to unplug from technology.

“Taking time to exercise every day- weather walking, gym workouts, swimming, horseback riding or other- keeps the creative juices flowing for me. Similarly, I allow myself some mindful relaxation (meaning: trying to do almost nothing) for a few minutes a day to allow my brain to wander to places that facilitate my artistic process. I try to create some type of image every day, just to keep the art muscle working regularly and to not get rusty.” – Robin Apple, photographer

“As we know it is becoming increasingly difficult to unplug from our devices and create an environment that is conducive to making art. I am a news junkie, so I am really challenged these days! I consciously take the time to get centered before I begin working in the studio. After a few minutes of meditating, I select music that reflects the mood of the work. For example, a colorful large, bold painting would be underscored by a great jazz playlist, or for something minimal and meditative – a soft, classical piano would be selected. Since I adopted this way of working, my focus has sharpened, along with productivity and sales.” – Bette Ridgeway, painter


They make each sale personable and memorable for clients.

A great way to establish a strong connection with a buyer and turn them into a repeat buyer is to go above and beyond what they are expecting from the sale.

“I try to personalize each sale by writing a note on the back of the painting. If a very expensive painting sells, the buyers get a signed coffee-table book. I also try to remember my clients’ birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Personal contact is essential.” – Bette Ridgeway

“My quarterly newsletter has a broad reach. And, yes, maintaining my email mailing list is a top priority. The artist’s two most valuable assets are his/her name and his/her mailing list!” – Bette Ridgeway

original glass artwork by Renato Foti

Retro Mesh Series by Renato Foti


They don’t rely on one income stream to support their art career.

“Over time I’ve developed several income streams. Having artwork in several galleries is wonderful, but I have my instruction available for instant download, silk scarves on, my marketing book Talent is Just the Beginning on Amazon/Kindle and selected artwork placed with licensing companies for reproducing on canvas, paper, metal, and acrylic produces a nice steady income. Art sales fluctuate, so managing an art career with long-term planning is very helpful.” – Bette Ridgeway

“I've created greeting cards, playing cards, and jigsaw puzzles that are sold in a few local museum /gallery gift shops and I've given many of these away as gifts just to get people potentially interested in them.” – Robin Apple


They are always prepared and respond in a timely manner.

“I am very organized. My studio is ready and always well stocked for potential commissions. Having materials readily available, and the ability to create quickly is key for me to land commissions. Long lead times will hurt chances.” – Renato Foti, glass artist

“As new work is produced, images are sent to the galleries. Lately, galleries reach out with special requests. For example, one client wanted a lot of red, so I pulled together a pdf of all my available work with a lot of red, sent it back to the gallery, and voila, a sale was made that day with just the picture.” – Bette Ridgeway

original photograph by Robin Apple

Rebirth 12 by Robin Apple

They are accountable and step up to take responsibility.

As an artist, you are a business so great customer service is very important to maintain a great relationship with galleries and clients.

“To gain trust, it is critical to stand behind your work. If something happens in shipping, correct it quickly. Ship on time and pack all art very well. Pricing should be accurate and consistent and proposals should be put together in a timely manner.” Renato Foti

“In my day job as a clinical psychologist as well as in my life as an artist, and in my personal life too,  I aim for consistency, honesty, integrity, reliability, transparency. That's how I try to live my life, so I treat my network of potential buyers in the same way that I treat everyone else. “ – Robin Apple


Take a moment and think about your own weekly creative routine or the process you go through when you sell a piece of art. What does it look like? Incorporate these beneficial habits into your art career just like you would a business strategy. Some of these tips will produce immediate results, while others will yield long-term benefits.



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