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Heal with Art!

Posted on 06 January 2015

Artwork is powerful and impactful. It can influence human emotion, mindset and mood.

When others need encouragement, a beautiful environment can make arduous times less stressful; bringing forth feelings of optimism and hope. Where is this power put to better use than in healthcare facilities where the space impacts the patients, their families, and staff alike? As new hospitals go up, and current ones renovate, both design and fine art are changing people's first impression of healthcare environments.



An inviting and comforting design can redirect focus; reminding those who enter that a hospital is a place to receive help and rest. This is a place to see improvement, and begin to feel well again.

Bright works add cheer and whimsy.

Healthcare Art I Suzanne Fisher I Art Design Consultants
Click photo to see more of Suzanne Fisher's work.


Soft colors and horizontal lines sooth and ease worried minds.


Healthcare and waiting room art I Artwork by Brad Robertson I ADC, Art Design Consultants
Click image to see more of Brad Robertson's work.



While waiting rooms begin to quell feelings of anxiety, the most important person to influence with artwork is the patient. In patients' rooms it is critical to keep the appropriate colors and textures in mind. Colors that sooth, like blues and greens, not only help the patients relax, but also brings the beauty of the outdoors inside to them.

Textured and colorful works are playful and engaging in children's rooms.

Healthcare and patient room art I Artwork by Jennie Schut I Blink Art Resource
Click photo to see more of Jennie Schut's work


Works on canvas with a linen liner are light and welcoming.


Healthcare and patient room art I Artwork by Kevin Poole I Art Design Consultants
Click photo to see more of Kevin Poole's work.


Large photographic murals instantly pique interest and engage patients in a new perspective, allowing them to take their mind off of the visit at hand.


Healthcare and examination room art I Artwork by Henry Domke I Blink
Click photo to see more of Henry Domke's work 



It's not just the patients that desperately need positive energy. Hardworking hospital staff are often weighed down by the number of hours they work and the lingering thoughts of each patient's progress. By bringing color and softness to the staff's space you'll lighten their mind and mood when it's needed most.

Healthcare and hospital art I Art Design Consultants
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So whether you're selecting artwork for a doctor's office or for an entire hospital wing, keep these tips in mind to make the space uplifting and restorative.

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