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How to Win a Publishing Contract Award at ACA

Posted on 25 June 2018

With all the artist opportunities out there, and with Art Comes Alive, ACA’s entry deadline of Sunday, August 5th quickly approaching, you might be wondering which pieces you should enter and why. These are great questions you should ask before any competition, and to guide you in finding your answers, we’ve got insight from an industry insider to consider.


Meet Joanne Chappell, a juror for our art contest and exhibit ACA


Owner of Studio EL Joanne Chappell, one of the jurors for Art Comes Alive, stands in a booth filled with art

Joanne Chappell, founder and owner of Editions Limited and Studio EL, is a legend in the art world and has been since 1968. She knows firsthand what the mass-market, corporate, and healthcare industries are looking for, and she’s been an influencer for patterns and trends over the years.  She says, “We do a lot of installations for healthcare and senior living facilities, and we are looking for artists’ work to appeal to a large audience.” 

ACA Publishing Contract Award

As an ACA Juror, Joanne not only ranks the artwork but is also looking for artists she can sell through her publishing company. That's right, each year Joanne handpicks five artists for the prestigious Publishing Contract Award

A publishing contract award through ACA is a great opportunity to work with the industry's leading art publishing houses Editions Limited and Studio EL and earn a substantial supplementary income off of the commissions from sold fine art prints.


Joanne shares her experience in the industry and selecting art for a publishing company

But how, you may be asking, does Joanne go about selecting artists? Chappell explains, “Landscapes and nature-inspired art that can pretty much be anywhere.” And even better is when “an artist can redefine the landscape and make it more colorful, more emotional, and not just some banal photographic image. That’s what sells.”

But landscape and nature art aren’t the only pieces of interest. Another big seller, Chappell says, is abstract art. “Especially the kinds that focus on texture and dimension.”

Founder & President Joanne Chappell from Elise Straaton on Vimeo.


Success with ACA and Selling Fine Art Prints with Editions Limited

Someone who has worked with Editions Limited is the award-winning abstract painter and Blink Art Artist, Don Wunderlee. As for their work, he says, “I was very honored to be one of the artists to win a multi-year publishing award with Editions Limited and Studio EL through ACA, Art Comes Alive. Todd Haile, Studio EL's Art Director, worked very closely with me to build out a collection of sixteen pieces of my original artwork.”

In his first year, he sold over 200 prints

Wunderlee adds that the printing standard at Editions Limited and Studio EL is quite amazing. “Visitors to my studio often confuse the prints for paintings, the reproduction quality is so good.” In his first year, he sold over 200 prints through Editions Limited.

Besides winning a publishing contract award, Don has also received the coveted Purchase Award - where we sold his work to a private collector through Art Comes Alive. 


Why submit artwork to Art Comes Alive?

At ADC we’re here to support artists and provide incredible opportunities for one-of-a-kind connections. And we do that through Art Comes Alive. 

Art contests can certainly be whimsical and fun, but ACA is in a league of its own. There is no other art contest that secures over $300,000 in awards to artists or that can advance your career with just one award. 


art comes alive

Known as the “Academy Awards for Art,” Art Comes Alive (ACA), ADC's annual art competition and exhibit, is embarking on its 10th year of helping artists get their work in front of art-industry professionals such as interior designers, art galleries, private art collectors, and corporate collections. Each year the art competition gets bigger and better, and this year over $300,000 in awards will be given to artists through gallery contracts, purchase awards, publishing contracts, and more!


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