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Get Your Artwork into Galleries

Posted on 18 March 2016

Working with artists every day led us to compile a list of frequently asked questions in which artists are eager to find the answers. This is how we developed our amazing agenda and set of speakers for our Success Summit. So what are the questions you wonder?

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At the tip of every artist’s tongue is how to get work into galleries.

As an artist you have art crawls and art shows that foster a group of regulars who check in every couple of months and turn into clients by purchasing a piece or two, and if they’re really great clients, they’ll even refer their friends directly to your studio.

But how to come across new opportunities? This is why working with a gallery is one of the most coveted relationships in the art industry, because of their sheer volume of clientele and their networking capabilities gallery owners are always receiving new projects.

Pro Tip: Plain and simple, business happens and sales occur when people connect.

Getting your foot in the door with galleries can seem impossible.  Artists often have many questions about where to begin the conversation with gallery owners, and the answers are not always easy to come by. Even trying to schedule time with a gallery owner seems unattainable sometimes.

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Don't feel overwhelmed with the questions you have or unsure about how to take the best action steps . Get into the galleries you want showcasing your work after an insightful and informative Q&A with an established art dealer.[/caption]

Success Summit Session  |  Everything You Wanted to Know About Fine Art Galleries, But Were too Afraid to Ask 

We're getting you the inside scope with the Success Summit Session "Everything You Wanted to Know About Fine Art Galleries, But Were too Afraid to Ask." In this session, Sylvia Rombis, President of Malton Art Gallery, will answer all of your questions about fine art galleries in this open Q&A styled format.

Sylvia Rombis, Malton Gallery

You will gain vast knowledge on how to successfully navigate your way through a new fine art gallery from your first conversation to your first sale. Being represented by the right gallery is so important. Even the most experienced artist will be reinvigorated by having all their questions answered by one of the Midwest’s most talented and respected art dealers. Revitalize your drive to find a new gallery to exhibit and sell your best works.

Come prepared to ask those burning questions you have about art galleries and receive the answers!

We created the Success Summit so, you, the artist can do what you love better! The Success Summit is a two-day conference filled with teaming takeaways that will leave you inspired and motivated to take your art career to the next level! This educational event is all about giving you a better business since that will allow you to be more efficient with your time and money, and enables you to do what you what every artist wants to do – spend more time in the studio creating!

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