Color Crush: Orange

Posted on 13 May 2015

From warm and dreamy to bold and sexy, orange is incredibly versatile! Whether your taste is traditional or contemporary, I promise—there is an orange for you.  



Color Crush: Orange Blog

Creamy oranges can create a candlelight inspired glow within a room. A less intense version of any color can be created through the process of “dulling” or “lightening.” Dulling creates a less saturated orange mixed by adding blue because it is the color opposite orange on the color wheel. Lightening is done simply by adding white to color to create a pastel. This orange is great for achieving a soothing, romantic atmosphere. This is an excellent color for brightening up a space—its tones establish the illusion of light.



Orange design inspiration. Art by Ron Halfant | Art Design Consultants
Click image to see more of Ron Halfant's work.



Color Crush: Orange Blog

Earthy oranges (or brown oranges) can transform a space into a European oasis. Think Tuscany’s dirt roads and stone houses. That is why this color is often referred to as “terra cotta” which means “baked earth” in Latin. This would be considered a dulled orange, which is less intense, and extremely warm. This would be the perfect orange for creating a cozy, comforting atmosphere—perfect for a bedroom or library where you might curl up with a good novel and throw.



Orange design inspiration. Artwork by Elizabeth LaPenna | Art Design Consultants
Click image to see more of Elizabeth LaPenna's work.



Color Crush: Orange Blog

Bold, bright oranges are perfect for a fresh, modern look. They are often associated with happiness, youth and cheerfulness. This orange is crisp and intense! Artwork incorporating these oranges would be great for a room that gets lots of light and that is often full of people. How about the kitchen, living room—or heck—why not on the back patio!? These oranges are lively, zesty, and energetic!



Orange design inspiration. Artwork by Trish Weeks | Art Design Consultants
Click image to see more of Trish Week's work.


Orange design inspiration. Artwork by Robbie Kemper | Art Design Consultants
Click image to see more of Robbie Kemper's work.



Color Crush: Orange Blog

Spicy oranges are sexy and attention grabbing. This loud color is eye catching and would make an ideal focal point in a room. It adds heat and intensity to an empty white wall. I can picture it hanging dramatically above a bed or fireplace, or in a gorgeous stairway. This orange is the color of confidence and laughter. It’s playful, yet sophisticated. Guaranteed to add life to any lifeless room—you can’t deny that this orange is HOT.



Orange design inspiration. Artwork by Chin Yuen | Art Design Consultants
Click image to see more of Chin Yuen's work.


Orange design inspiration. Artwork by Bonita Williams Goldberg | Art Design Consultants
Click image to see more of Bonita Williams Goldberg's work.


More than just a fabulous color, the psychology of orange is optimistic and uplifting, ultimately rejuvenating our spirits. I understand that it takes confidence in to decorate with this bold color, but confidence is extremely sexy, so dare to dream in tangerine and add a splash of orange to your décor.



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