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Posted on 22 September 2015

A great work of original artwork will never go unnoticed, so why not be certain the art in your space is the best of the best? Why not put an award winning piece in your home or office? In addition to “loving it,” this takes your artwork above and beyond—certifying its merit and worth. Apart from the emotional connection we can so deeply have with a work of art, achievement such as these provide us with confidence we’ve chosen the right piece! This week we're highlighting five spectacular artists who received Gallery Contract Awards from this year's Art Comes Alive.



Our first gallery contract winner as well as a purchase award winner, Linda Fischer creates eye-catching abstracts, layered with color and textures that develop beautiful depth. Her joy of experimentation with detail, color, shadows, lighting and distinct nuances is clearly seen when viewing any of her works. She expresses, “When someone sees my work I want them to be able to connect to my experiences and to feel what I was feeling when I created the piece, which is the memories and the many layers of experiences that have led me to this point in my journey of over 30 years.

Blue and dark gray living room office decor. Abstract art by Linda Fischer

Click the image to see more of Linda Fischer’s artwork.   


Renato Foti, Art Comes Alive’s “Glass Artist of the Year," is a talented glass sculpture artist all the way from Toronto, Canada. His current work focuses on fused and slumped glass wall sculptures. The large scale wall creations are composed of fused glass made out of a variety of color segments forming a strong sense of balance and harmony to any space in which they are placed. The Color Wall Series sculptures are typically made up of linear lines, with variations at different angles as well as sections that are rectangular, forming a harmonic pattern that fits naturally with in the whole and can be lit with LED’s.

Gray and blue living room with dimensional glass woven sculpture by Renato Foti

Click the image to see more of Renato Foti’s stunning sculptures.


Candace Primack uses a variety of mediums and manipulates them around the canvas to create shapes and patterns to instill within the viewer a sense of hope and joy. Also, her canvases are monochromatic and contemplative, filled with no more than two or three colors, resulting in a very sophisticated design aesthetic.

Modern office style design with art by Candace Primack

Click the image to see more of Candace Primack’s work.


The talented and acclaimed artist Ken Elliot has a transitional style that is easy for everyone to enjoy and his masterful use of color creates an amazing energy that emits from his work sending out a pleasing and tranquil feeling. “There is paradox in Ken Elliott’s landscapes: They pulse with powerful color, and yet collectors speak of his paintings as exuding a sense of calm. They contain choreographed rhythm and order, even within the seeming disorder of winter trees along a creek."  – SW Art Magazine

Bohemian boho bedroom with art by Ken Elliot

Click the image to see more of Ken Elliot’s work.   


Ron Gordon’s work is BIG and BRIGHT!  Ron’s passion for paint, color, visual texture and detail combined with inner vision and a commitment to craftsmanship brings a unmistakable excellence to his work. Lines and shapes thrust upward or move in arches leading the eye through fields of rich patterns and visual texture. Energetic, sometimes whimsical, sometimes dramatic, the compositions of his paintings are compelling from a distance; though, on closer inspection the artist provides a visual feast of brush work and detail.

Neutral natural living room style with art by Ron Gordon

Click the image to see more of Ron Gordon’s work.




Are you interested in the availability of the above artwork? Please call Elizabeth, ADC’s Gallery Director, at (513) 723-1222 or email for more information!

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