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Posted on 22 November 2016


The holiday season is upon us and we’re getting ready for seasonal décor, delicious food, and gatherings of loved ones. Having family and friends over for Thanksgiving dinner is a great excuse to redecorate and show off your space! Your guests will be mingling in your sitting room, dining room, and maybe even the kitchen. Why not spruce up the dining room with new artwork?

What type of art do you place in a dining room?

Rows of chairs and layered place settings create a motif of repetition in the dining room, and artwork is the perfect addition to give the room personality and flair.  Placing artwork in the dining room is going to be your personal preference in terms of style and color palette, but we're here to let you know how to go about it like a pro!

The rippling pattern in Kitty Uetz's piece below breaks up the hard linear lines of the furniture while the subtle color palette pulls it all together with soft cream tones.

Dining room decor with abstract painting by Kitty Uetz

If your dining room is large and could use some warmth, a painting on canvas will add dimension and energy to space. An abstract with texture and loose, organic shapes like Nancy Eckles' piece is a great way to contrast the linear atmosphere created by tables, chairs, and lighting fixtures!

Dining room decor with textured abstract painting by Nancy Eckles

Design Trend: Style with Red

A bold trend, painting walls red stimulates appetites and increases food cravings. So what better place to put this color psychology to the test than in the dining room? Red is most often associated with love and Valentine's Day, but it's also energizing. It excites emotions and encourages conversation, which is perfect when bringing diverse groups of family and friends together over the holidays. Too much red can causes irritation, so offset the color with playful patterns and fun shapes. Artwork is the best way to break up a bold color wall and provide visual relief to the room. Clara and Marlene's work below serve as the perfect example.

Red dining room with artwork by Clara Berta


Red dining room with artwork by Marlene Sanaye Yamada
If abstract artworks aren't your preference, florals, or landscapes are a gorgeous addition to any room and there are so many choices for any time of the year! Warm and neutral tones are perfect for fall and winter if you’re going for a more calm vibe in the sitting room.

Browse our online collection of artworks to find the perfect piece for your home

Questions? Are you interested in the availability of the above artwork? Please call Elizabeth, ADC’s Gallery Director, at (513) 723-1222 or email for more information!


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