Artists Questions Answered

Artists Questions Answered

 Artists, get to know Blink Art!

This Q+A with Litsa Spanos, President of ADC, Art Design Consultants and Blink Art, gives you candid answers to artists’ frequently asked questions!



Q: What is Blink Art?

A: Blink Art is not only an art marketplace but the go-to resource for artists seeking exposure in the competitive art market. We work hard to provide the best opportunities for you through our print publications, our online art marketplace, and by exhibiting at the nation's top art fairs. Blink Art is a nationally recognized brand that gets your work in front of art buyers nationwide (including galleries, commercial, hospitality, and residential buyers). 


Q: What is the Blink Art Resource catalog?

A: I’m so incredibly proud to publish Blink Art Resource! It’s the most beautiful, respected and recognizable art sourcebooks in the country.  When you see it, touch it, flip through its stunning pages – you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. It showcases some of the most talented artists in North America. Sculpture, paintings, mixed media, photography…It’s all in there and ready to be discovered by art buyers.

Artists interested in signing up for a page in the 2018 catalog can receive a free copy by emailing


Q: Who receives the book?

A: Blink Art Resource was created for trade art buyers only. We’ve done four years of research to create a distribution list of 10,000 eager interior designers, gallerists, and art consultants who all want to see your work and buy your art for your projects.

My team and I are a staff of dedicated marketing and business professionals who work hard to ensure that your art gets into the right hands.

Blink Art Resource Distribution List Breakdown:


Q: Why should I be in the 2018 catalog?

A: My response to an artist who asks this question is; Do you want to be more successful, grow your career and make more money? Do you want to work directly with buyers? If they answer is “Yes,” then you should be in the book!

The catalog lists your contact information and website directly on the page, so trade buyers are contacting you directly when they need artwork for a project.


Q: Wow, sounds awesome.  How do I get in?  Is the book curated?

A: Yes, we jury all the artwork in the catalog to assure that there is a diverse and unique collection of quality artists in every medium, style and subject.  To get in, you need to submit your work for review.  Since Blink Art Resource goes out once a year in April and always sells out, don’t miss this year’s deadline to register Friday, December 1st. When we hear from you, we’ll schedule a follow up and offer honest feedback.  It’s that easy. 


Q: Can you help me with other aspects of my art career?

A: Absolutely! I’ve been a successful gallerist and art consultant for 25 years and since I released the book three years ago I have sold 4.7 million dollars work of art from 378 Blink Artists alone to our corporate, hospitality, healthcare and private clients. If you invest in us, we’ll put you front and center when our clients need art too.


Q: What are the costs involved?

A: There is a fee to have a promotional page in the book – but know that we don’t take a commission on your sales generated from art buyers who call you directly.  The fee makes it possible to market and publish an exceptional catalog that has a readership of over 50,000 art specifiers.  We work for you behind the scenes to reach out to them constantly through digital, print, industry events, shows, social media, and blogs. This keeps you and your artwork “top of mind” when the perfect projects come along.


Q: Are there other opportunities to sell my work?

A: Blink Artists featured in the catalog also receive an online profile and have a chance to go with us to various shows across the country like Spectrum Miami, Artexpo Las Vegas, and Artexpo New York.  For these shows, there is a fee for the wall space, but we only take 10% commission of those sales.


Q: How do I get involved?

A: If you are interested in being a Blink Artist contact Amy at


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