Artist to Watch: Ken Rausch

Artist to Watch: Ken Rausch

In previous blogs, I’ve talked about the importance of developing a signature style as an artist. Every artist I’ve ever selected to represent has a thoroughly developed and distinctive style. Usually, it grabs my attention right away. And, if I experience a visceral and powerful reaction, I know that buyers and collectors will as well.

Most artists choose to work within one specific media—such as glass sculpture, metal and mixed media, paintings, use of color, photography, sculpture. (Though some may do a mix of each.) However, it’s not just media that sets artists apart. What really separates them from other artists working in similar media is their specific approach to subject matter—whether it’s brush strokes, color, medium, or technique, interpretation of everyday objects, or a combination of all of the above.  The result? Art lovers know what to expect and how to identify the works and the artists.


Developing a Signature Style as an Artist Takes Time

But developing a style or technique is a process and evolution. One of my favorite artists who has spent his career developing such a unique and distinct style as an artist is Ken Rausch. His copper and mixed media pieces are in such high demand, I can’t keep up with the orders! When I was at Artexpo New York last month, his pieces were the first to sell out. Designers just love his undulating metal pieces that can be customized—by size, color, and shape—for their clients’ space. And clients and collectors buy them, because they not only know they can’t find pieces like it anywhere else—they also are mesmerized by each piece. They are true conversation starters. And, designers love them because they are so versatile and work in almost any environment.

While Ken’s technique is top secret, the final result is not. Every piece speaks: Ken Rausch. Whether it’s the layering of rich jewel tones, the undulating pieces of copper, the distinct metallic etching, or the 3-dimensional quality, each piece reflects his signature style.

“It’s always a play between the 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional,” Ken says. While he studied painting, he discovered his love of sculpture and working with mixed media as he grew and experimented as an artist. “My pieces now reflect that evolution and are both paintings and sculpture at the same time.”  

Signature Styles Don't Limit Creativity But Challenge It

Because of his unique and recognizable style, Ken now creates most of his work as direct commissions. “Most of my work is custom work. So I have a few different elements that can be combined for what the customer wants. Patterns and textures can be played with,” he says. But, he’s never bored and looks at each piece as a means of discovery and what is possible. “There is an arsenal of components that can fit together in different ways and it always results in something truly special and unique.”

And his collectors and fans feel the same way! I know I do. Watch this video of Ken Rausch’s work and see for yourself!


I just love it!



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