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Art for Your Office

Posted on 29 October 2014

Imagine feeling happier and more energized at work.

Well, (disclaimer!) that is the shocking effect corporate art can have on its employees. The average workday is eight hours or more— longer than the average person sleeps each night. Sometimes it feels like we live at our place of employment…shouldn’t we be comfortable?

Corporate art installation with artwork by  | Art Design Consultants
"Connection I, II, & III" by Alexa McNeill


The artwork showcased in a corporate office or business represents the corporate image and demonstrates that corporation’s brand. The many fantastic options such as original paintings, collages, sculptures, metal, glass, photos, prints, posters, and custom framing can all “say” very different and specific things about a space. Most importantly, the right artwork can enhance and bring to the forefront all the amazing qualities of a business for all the clients and employees to see—and enjoy— every time they walk into your office building.

As one bank executive commented: “By adding original art we have created an environment that sparks interest, curiosity, and instigates conversation. It really has brought a lot of life to our corporate offices.”


In the Office

It’s a fact that aesthetically pleasing environments increase productivity, creativity, mood, and even motivate employees to dress better! Working surrounded by inspiring art can generate better ideas, improve time management, and create an overall happier work atmosphere.

Art for the office | Artwork by Andrzej Michael Karwacki |  Art Design Consultants
Equanimity Redefined by Andrezj Michael Karwacki I Blink artist


Art and decor for the home office. Artwork by Daniel Sroka | Art Design Consultants
"Breaking Wave" and "Point of View" by Daniel Sroka


Modern office decor with art by Jamie Van Landuyt | Art Design Consultants
"Casting Spells" by Jamie Van Landuyt


Give the Lobby Some Love

What do you think of when you walk into a corporate lobby? What do the surroundings convey? Art can play a major role in how people perceive a company—and a first impression can make a big impact!

Lobby art for corporate spaces | Artwork by Chantal Brunet | Art Design Consultants
"Tempête Jaune" and "California Waves" by Chantal Brunet


Lobby and office art installations | Artwork by David Osborn | Art Design Consultants
"Cincinnati Riverfront" and "Roebling Bridge" by David Osborn


Bold, strong colors show assurance and success. Subtle, soft paintings portray trust and comfort. Trust from clients can be so incredibly crucial for certain businesses, like insurance and health care companies. Canvas paintings are light and welcoming, while dimensional metal wall art or sculptures show strength and confidence which would work perfectly for financial institutions and law firms. Nowadays, companies are looking to art consultants to help them achieve the image they want to convey.

Corporate Art project at Burke Inc. featuring artwork by Ken Rausch | Art Design Consultants
ADC's project at Burke Inc. featuring Ken Rausch.


Meetings with Style

When meeting with clients, it’s important to impress. Artwork can make clients feel more comfortable and stimulate conversation, not to mention make your corporation memorable and more appealing to work with/in when compared to the competition.

Corporate meeting room art installation featuring artwork by Annie Rodrigue | Art Design Consultants
"Eruptus I and II" by Annie Rodrigue


Corporate office meeting room featuring artwork by Frank Satogata | Art Design Consultants
"Clearing" and "Waterlilies" by Frank Satogata


Frame It!

Businesses and individuals alike should be proud of their accomplishments and showcase their strengths. Diplomas, Masters, PhD’s, recognition awards, past projects, architectural designs, portfolio pieces, company history and portraits are all fantastic ways to display the corporations talents and achievements. This is one of the best ways to establish credibility with current or future clients, by allowing them to see the successes of your past!


What’s Your Colorscope?

It’s proven that certain colors can evoke very specific moods and reactions.

  • Orange increases confidence and “expands your thinking”
  • Yellow is known for increasing clarity of thought and intelligence as well as improving the agility of the mind. Yellow is also a stimulates conversation and dispels darkness—an automatic mood lifter.
  • Crisp and bright light green is often associated with nature, freshness, wealth and growth.
  • Blue is peaceful. It “dissolves tension and promotes tranquility.”
  • Deep blues encourage decisiveness, efficiency and focus.
  • Bright red represents fearlessness. It improves self confidence and stimulates thought.
  • deeper, Irish green is the color of health and healing. This color creates feelings of balance, rejuvenation, stability, and well being of mind and body.
  • Aqua inspires relaxation and trust. This is perfect for unwinding or relieving stress.
  • Deep reds are for awakening expressions, to break through inhibitions and hesitations, and allowing emotional openness.

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  • Maria Holland: April 11, 2017

    Years ago I purchased three copper pieces by Ken Rausch: two for a hospitality client. I now have residential client who is interested in looking at Ken’s long, wavy pieces but I can’t find him!
    How do I long into your new site? Help -and thanks!

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