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Posted on 29 January 2015

I’m all about Winter Cleaning! Why wait until Spring to de-clutter, organize and give your space a color upgrade with a wow-worthy piece of art!

With the New Year comes determined resolutions and thought-out planning – and I strongly believe that the right art and atmosphere motivates you to succeed!

Improving your space can help you stay on track, improve your mood and increase your energy. We are all strongly influenced by our surroundings. Why not immerse yourself in a space that helps you accomplish all you set out to do.


Out with the Old, In with the New

What better time than the New Year to get rid of the things you don’t need or use. It can be refreshing—and freeing—to clear out all the unnecessary “stuff” in our lives. A de-cluttered space allows a room to breathe as well as your mind. As they say…"less is more!" Minimal design does not mean your space has to feel sterile or cold, but instead simplified.

Clean lines design with dresser. Art by Shane Robinson I Blink Art Resource
Click here to view more of Shane Robinson's works I Blink Artist


Sun Spots by Jamie Van Landuyt I Art and Atmosphere Blog - Art Design Consultants
Click image to see more of Jamie Van Landuyt's work


Fresh and Focused

Certain colors and shapes increase energy and focus. If you’re trying to get work done, surround yourself with an atmosphere that will keep you productive. Environment affects mood. Mood effects energy. Energy feeds ambition.

Rainbow and yellow design inspiration with artwork by Renee DeCarlo Johnson I Blink Art Resource

Click image to see more of Renee DeCarlo Johnson's work I Blink Art Resource


Art by Susanne Scherette King I Blink Art Resource
Click image to see more of Susanne Scherette King's work I Blink Artist


Soothe and De-Stress

If your resolution was to stress less and relax more, begin by creating a space that invites you to do so. A soothing bedroom with soft colors, and luxurious linens will help you unwind from long days. A spa like bathroom will entice you to take more bubble baths.

Artwork by Brad Robertson I Art Design Consultants
Click image to see more of Brad Roberston's work


Bathroom design inspiration with artwork by Ken Rausch I Art Design Company
Click image to see more of Ken Rausch's work


If your 2015 plan is to be more positive, find love or go out on more dates with your spouse, or even simply to take more risks—adding some color to your life could help tremendously. Bright colors give us energy, increase happiness, and even influence self-confidence.

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