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An Artist Discovers the Benefits of Blink Art

Posted on 15 November 2017

Maria D’Souza loves the thrill of discovery. Having made the move to the U.S. in 2010, she fell in love with the Southwest and the art forms native to the region, and discovered her love of working with animal skulls soon after. Inspired by the wonder of “creation” and the seemingly “random perfection of nature,” she brings her unlimited imagination to each piece she creates. Her work has been enjoyed all over the world—North America, Europe and the Middle East and celebrated in internationally known exhibitions.  And we at Blink Art/ADC were thrilled to discover her when she moved to Cincinnati. Recently, she was chosen as our Emerging Artist of the Year and she won two additional awards during our annual Art Comes Alive (ACA) Award exhibition.

Seeing all the success, exposure, and commissions she received by being a part of ACA, Maria decided to make it official and show her work in the upcoming Blink Art Resource. Her reasons for becoming a part of the Blink Art Family are threefold.


Blink Art Gives Artists More Time to Create

“The main reason I became a Blink Artist, is because it gives me time to be artist.  As an artist I want to push myself to not repeat a design. This work takes a lot of time and energy. What Blink Art offers is it does the work for me. It goes out to respected art consultants, collectors, galleries, and buyers that would take me 6-7 years to reach on my own. With Blink Art, my work gets there immediately. While Blink Art is out reaching the right people, that leaves room for me to do my art.”



Blink Art is a Go-To Resource For Interior Designers

Another reason Maria chose to be a part of Blink Art is because of the exceptional talent her work will be showcased alongside. She knows the book is going to interior designers, art collectors, and trade buyers who have excellent taste and high standards. “Since my work has a specific audience, Blink Art has access to those individuals around the country. And when they see my work alongside other great works, they know they’re getting quality work. Blink Art does the credentialing for me.” 

Another surprising reason Maria loves being a part of Blink Art is well—the art. “Looking at the book is so inspiring. I can look at what other artists are doing, generate ideas, and then take my own art to the next level. There is a sense of exploration and discovery to being part of Blink Art,” Maria says.


Blink Art Provides Valuable Advice and Insight to Artists

While Maria looks forward to what may come out of being part of the Blink Art family in the future, she’s already enjoying her time with it now. She’s been especially fond of our Artist Relationship Director, Chelsea Tucker Moore. “Chelsea is who we made the initial contact with. She is awesome. Just awesome. Her knowledge of every aspect of the subject of art and the trade is incredible. She was able to give me direction and helped me every step of the way. Whenever I’ve had a question, she answered it. She worked so well with me. I already feel like I am part of the family. I tell everyone I meet: I am so lucky to be in Cincinnati and have found this gem. We found a gem in Cincinnati!”

We feel like we found a gem too. Maria’s success story is just phenomenal.  As she says, “There’s been so much good since we joined ADC and Blink Art. They’ve really opened doors for me as an artist.” Since winning three awards at this year’s Art Comes Alive, just a few weeks ago, Maria has already received a commission. (Someone saw that she won an award on Facebook, saw the work, and reach out for a custom piece.) In addition, she believes that the awards helped lend credibility to her applications for upcoming exhibitions she recently was invited to be a part of. She was recently asked to be a part of an auction and exhibition at the prestigious C.M. Russell Museum as well as The Out West Art Show & Sale, both in Great Falls, Montana. Also, she was just invited to exhibit her work at the Buffalo Bill Museum Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming. In addition, she’s had two galleries in Wyoming and Montana ask to hold her work. And…yes…there’s still more: She was just nominated for the Interior Design Awards by the UK’s Build Magazine!

We’re thrilled to have Maria join the Blink Art family and can’t wait to see her career grow with each new year. Maria, we wish you all the best! Congratulations on all of your success!



If you’re interested in joining the Blink Art family too, feel free to reach out to Chelsea Tucker Moore at Pages are going fast in the 2018 Blink Art Resource.


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